Knowing Your Own PaceIt’s easy to get used to instant gratification.

We have all the information – and conspiracy theories – mankind has ever come up with at our fingertips at pretty much all times. Dinner can be delivered in thirty minutes or less. A car can arrive in five minutes to take us wherever we can’t be bothered to walk to.

Things happen fast.

We become to expect it. We come to treat waiting as a chore, even with things we’re not yet ready for.

Sometimes, seeing other people hit milestones that you’re not can be difficult.

Sometimes, the first time you realise you’re a grown up is when people your age are having babies on purpose. While you’re still enjoying watching cartoons all night at weekends.

Seeing other people hurry ahead with life can make you question your own progress.

Seeing people getting married and travelling the world and having kids and getting important jobs with power and influence and huge paycheques.

It can make you wonder if you’re satisfied with what you do have and what you are doing.

And wondering is never a bad idea. Taking a moment every now and then to check that you’re on the right track and that you’re making good time is a wise decision.

But it doesn’t mean that the answer definitely has to be no. It’s perfectly okay to see all the people around you with their responsibilities and their commitments and to decide that you’re just not ready for that yet.

You’re happy with things the way they are. For now. You’ll get there later.

Life is not a race. It’s not about beating anyone, about getting ahead of anyone. It’s not about coming first.

If you treat life as something you need to finish before everyone else, you’re not going to have as much time to enjoy it. Life isn’t something you should want to be quickly over with.

It’s okay if you decide that you want to spend a few more years just relaxing, doing what you want to do and not taking on any more worries. It doesn’t matter how much your parents want grandkids. If you don’t want them, no one has the right to force you. It’s the same with every choice you’ll ever make.

You are always better off taking your time to be sure. You’re not lagging behind because you’re not trying to keep up. You’re trying to live your life in a way that suits you.

Take as much as time you need. Set your own pace, in everything you do. Do what you want to do – only when you are ready to do it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re going to slow, that you’re doing it wrong, that you just need to try harder. They’re wrong. They don’t get to decide what you want. You know what’s best for you. That could mean jumping in at the deep end if you’re not sure what you want next. But it’s you who chooses that.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Kirstie Summers is journalist whose day job takes her to all the most interesting places and events in South London. She also freelances for a number of sites and publications, from gaming and literature reviews to creative fiction. She lives in London and spends as much of her free time as possible making the most of being in such a diverse city. She keeps one day a week to herself to swim, relax and keep the stress of the world at bay.