3 Signs You're Ignoring Your Inner VoiceEver have those moments where you swear someone or something is trying to get your attention? There is a voice inside you cannot hear, but it’s powerful nonetheless. It can come in many forms. A gut feeling, focused thoughts or receiving certain messages. It’s like your intuition is on high alert mode.

This infamous inner voice (also known as your Higher Self) speaks to you on a higher plane in the hopes to get you to listen attentively. But like so many things in life that we don’t completely understand, we often push it aside and let it go. Perhaps we’ll get to it another day. But that inner voice can be relentless. Here are 3 sure-fire signs you are ignoring it.


Moreover, this feeling doesn’t go away. You may have periods where you think you’ve shaken it, but over time, it resurfaces again. The feeling is often vague in nature and you can’t quite pin down exactly what it is that’s “missing”. This is evident when a friend of family member asks you to describe the void or missing element. You know it exists because you can feel it, but you are unable to verbalize it. There’s a reason why this feeling continues to show up in your life. Given the fact we are curious beings, we are supposed to eventually succumb to it and have the courage to explore it so we can give it a description once and for all.


When our higher self is speaking to us and we are choosing to ignore it, often times we’ll start to encounter reoccurrences in our lives. The same book will keep popping up, you’ll find yourself in similar circumstances not having planned for it, or you’ll keep running into someone you were just thinking about. You may tell yourself these are just coincidences, but they hold a much stronger connection than that. This is your inner voice shouting from the rooftops to get your attention and urging you to take action. The point of repetitive signs is to encourage you to buy that book, connect with that person and explore that “thing” that keeps showing up. It is on your path for a reason. It is there for your growth.


You are going about your life and suddenly you keep finding yourself in undesirable situations. You stub your toe, get a speeding ticket, get in an argument with a colleague, your credit card gets compromised, the work you swore you saved on your computer gets deleted. You start to think that the Universe is most definitely working against you. Like it’s purposely stealing your happiness. And then BOOM. Just when you think this must be over, you get hit with a HUGE setback. Perhaps you or a family member gets extremely sick, or you get fired from your job, or an unexpected cost drains your savings, or you find yourself potentially facing a divorce. Any one of these is sure to stop you in your tracks.

This reminds me of the analogy of where one receives so-called “whispers” from the Universe (the smaller, initial setbacks). Then it turns into shouting (events are ramping up in nature). Until finally the Universe throws a brick at your head. (the BIG event).

While it would be best to stop and listen to those soft whispers, unfortunately, many of us suffer a blow to the head before it forces us to get still and listen.

So what do all these signs have in common? They are designed to convince you to slow down, quiet the mind and look inward for guidance. To open up and start engaging that inner voice. It has something profound to say. It’s trying to lead you in the direction you need to go. But you’ve got to be willing to pay attention.

The good news is that once you recognize and understand these signs you are opening yourself up to experience your life on a much deeper level. They are like the gateway to a purpose-filled life. Look at it this way: Your higher self ALWAYS has your best interests at heart. If it’s speaking to you (be it through feelings, repeating signs or setbacks) it may just be your time to perk up and listen.

Jodie Owen,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio –┬áJodie Owen is a Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor for women who are ready to transform their lives and become the best version of themselves. She helps them shift their mindset and awaken their potential so they can create a life they love.

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