The Joys Of Being AloneAs you sit and watch the clock strike twelve a feeling of loneliness swamps your space and invades your mind. We are taught to make friends from a young age, get into relationships in haste and surround ourselves with smiling colleagues and well-meaning family but rarely do we take a moment to absorb ourselves in our own solidarity.

In a country where 53% of 18 to 35 year olds have felt depression from being alone it is easy to suggest that staying in on your own when you could be surrounded by people is a negative decision, however being able to entertain yourself and fully embrace your personality is full of positive connotations that we should all be paying attention to.

For one, the terror many feel at the thought of being alone stems from a frustration towards their own personality. If you give yourself the time to depict what it is about yourself that you see as negative in your own time, you may be able to turn it into a positive and change yourself for the better without feeling restricted by the personalities of those around you. For example, simply facing up to a single fear and facing it head on during this time alone could give you the enthusiasm you need to be a more confident person in public.

Being alone does not need to immediately correlate with feelings of loneliness. You can spend the time alone developing ideas and respecting yourself without having to consider the outside world even just for a short period of time. Have that relaxing pamper day you have been putting off as you feel obliged to be surrounded by people. Mind map the ideas you have been keeping tucked away in your brain for a rainy day. Explore the places nobody ever wants to go too but you are bursting at the seams to indulge in. Learn to enjoy your own company and fully submerge yourself in the idea that being alone does not have to be a negative situation. We are gifted with colourful minds not solely to entertain others around us but to enjoy for ourselves. To wrap ourselves in on the most sullen of days and to explore without boundaries or rules.

Emily Cox,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Emily Cox is a twenty-something Communication and Media student in Bournemouth with a penchant for wrestling, writing and Rupaul. When not studying, writing or making videos she’ll often by found exploring and adventuring in a world of her