Can Life be EffortlessModern society is plagued by many contradictions, and we tend to accept them as an unavoidable side effect of progress. Efficiency and agility are highly valued virtues, but at the same time we are required to display patience and self-restraint. We are bombarded from all sides by ads that offer instant gratification, yet we are supposed to invest time and effort into pursuing long-term dreams. In the wake of such cleavages, it is not uncommon to lose footing, and fall in a dark hole from which the light of day is barely visible.


The tumultuous lifestyle of today is a constant race to the finishing line that always moves farther away. Each day is a well-known challenge which provides little pay off. And tomorrow, it is business as usual again. Multiply this equation by a thousand, and you get yourself a vicious loop of obligations, stress inducers and nuisances that lead us astray. It is small wonder that people are haunted by the sense of losing control over their life: everything they do seems like boiling the ocean in a vain attempt to influence forces they are no match for.

Despite what marketers, gurus and life coaches claim, there is no magic formula for happiness in life, certainly not in the form of material goods. The journey to a new way of life starts with rethinking your goals. The decisions you make on a daily basis are empowering stepping stones to the shores of the Promised Land you have always longed for. While short term goals act as powerful motivators, long-term plans are guiding lights that provide much-needed direction.


Do moments of relaxation seem like a short break after which you must go back to the salt mine? At your workplace, do you often feel like a cog in a machine? Well, abandon the ordeal of multi-tasking all the time and do always try to work harder. These things have a huge impact on your health, while bringing little benefit to your productivity. In fact, many are those who claim that people should not try to work more, but more efficiently. Thus, get your priorities straight and focus on things that really matter.

You might be stuck at a sterile office at the moment, but have you considered the tremendous opportunities to earn money online, work from home, or become a digital nomad? Having less on your mind frees you of the heavy burden. Small, gradual changes will take you a long way once they accumulate enough to bring forth a powerful synergy. Thousands and thousands of people flock to new frontiers, drawn by the surge in modern technologies, and an abundance of online resources.

Alas, completely escaping the menaces of the modern age may be impossible. We are faced with a tremendous amount of stress, and ways of melting it away seem to be snowed in under mountains of irrelevant distractions and misinformation. Scratch beneath the glittery surface, and make a positive change by embracing a healthy lifestyle. Try to cycle or walk to work, cook at home instead of buying processed and junk food, and assemble a solid training program. You may feel you are in no need of a gym routine, but once you get into the habit of working out, you will soon notice the positive changes. Treat yourself to some quality fitness wear to make your initial sweats more enjoyable, put your determined cap on, and set sail on the road to a better you.


In the overwhelming noise of the daily hustle and bustle, it is natural to feel like a dead wood floating around, manipulated by strong currents taking you into the unknown. Although fighting the waters of life is a struggle to the bitter end, they can also buoy you up. So, build an inner sanctuary, which is capable of withstanding even the most vicious attacks from the outside. Life is priceless, and you can make things effortless if you do not succumb to the pressure and decide to hoist the white flag.


Daily Zen.

Author Bio –¬†Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop.