Why I Don't Always Take My Own AdviceI give advice, good, bad, and irrelevant. I have a good few friends that trust in me for advice on dating, relationships, all things food, and even canine behaviour. I’m always sure to let them know that my advice comes with no strings. I will not hold you accountable for the statements and decisions you seemingly make while showing me vulnerability. I am lucky enough to have a few close friends who offer me the same worry-free venting time, free of charge.

When I give this advice, I honestly do not expect the person to take it. My advice is based on a collection of my life experiences, completely separate from the other person. My opinions are composed from years of judging my parents, events during the development of my self-confidence when my breasts were coming in, and how men reacted to me and my reactions. Those are very specific to me and I can’t expect my way of doing things to work for everyone, in every situation.

My most often advice given is to “sleep on it”. Along with my full bodied personality, I can breathe fire, and in some cases scribe fire. I’ve had a few incidents of waking up to the “Oh god, what have I done” moment. This I have learned numerous times as an individual, through osmosis and empathy. It’s amazing how your world can seem so different after 3 deep breaths and/or a few hours of solid sleep. Gosh forbid you should have a night of tossing and turning, creating even more irritation, in which case it might necessary to sleep on it twice.

So, I am not taking my own advice…

First off, maybe I’m wrong. Even though I don’t necessarily believe there is a right and wrong way, there’s just the way things go down, I recognize that I likely have conscious and subconscious blocks up about certain subjects. If I am feeling doubtful of my own advice, I tend to sit back and watch the show unfold rather than playing a major role.

Life happens when you throw caution to the wind, within reason of course; don’t quote me when you’re in holding cells. With my full bodied personality, I can make snap decisions that could be considered harsh. As a woman, I study my peer’s facial expressions to range their acceptance of “me”. I can tell I’m being “a bit much” by the looks I get from those around me. Taking this into consideration, at times, I just allow, I go with the flow.

It hurts so good & It’s so wrong, it’s right. Sometimes I have the psychic ability to see into the future and know that I’m probably coming out of the situation with the short end of the stick. I know it’s going to hurt, but I’m going to do it anyways because I want the rush. I want to experience all the endorphins that come before the inevitable crash. During the crash, I do my best to act with grace and poise, no drunken voicemails and texting like in my 20’s. If you know what’s coming, you can prepare, be positive but stay real.

I love the opinions of those I trust and do my best to stay grounded while receiving information that I possibly don’t want to hear. I find it very important to stay open at all times, not putting walls up from anything but ultimately making what I feel is the best decision for me.

Alicia Meek,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Alicia Meek is a multi-passionate being running a healthy home cooking school in Vancouver, Canada. With a Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness, Alicia is all about practising and sharing health and happiness. Teaching Zumba Monday to Friday, she spends her free time being outside as much as possible while finishing a book about dating and relationships.