The Importance of Your Chill SpotIf you are looking for a way to reduce stress and improve the way you think about life, you might consider changing some elements of you life. You can improve your life with smaller changes, without having to make big drastic changes to your life. There is a thing your single person can change quite easily, which is your environment. You can try this right now: Stand up, walk out of your room, go for a walk and sit in a place that feels really nice. Keep experimenting with different places, for you will eventually find a place that resonates so well with your soul, that you will feel like you belong there.


I often ask people about what they would say about my posts, what their opinions are or perhaps whether they could give examples of their (in this example) chill spots. Out of ten people: 3 have a place in a forest where they feel best, 4 like to be on the beach and another 3 like to be in the city. There are a lot more possibilities, like a playground you used to go (together with friends perhaps) or maybe just your back yard. I would personally recommend walking to your chill spot so you can walk off the stress before you arrive. If you want the place to really resemble the essence of your soul, you might do better to try it out on your own once in a while.


As I have said, your chill spot is the place where your very essence feels at home. Everything about this place resonates with who you are supposed to be. This place will guide you on your path, towards your life purpose. This place will make you learn more about who you should become and by knowing that, you will feel at ease. If you know what you want in life and know who you want to be just by being in this special place, after a while you will hopefully be able to feel that wherever you are.

As you might have guessed, another thing your chill spot does for you is making you feel relaxed. Whenever you feel stressed you can come to this very place, you will have a nice walk and then you can sit there doing nothing for a while. Just be.

There is a reoccurring theme here. It is that this place makes you stronger for the time you are there. When you leave you might fall back into whatever stress you have had. Do not worry, the strength you gained will stay within you. This will help you on your journey of life.


A place that resonates with your soul teaches you about it. Your soul is a part of yourself and therefore your spot will teach you about yourself.

I will give an example of my own chill spot: I like to go to the forest near my home, any forest would work for me. I can feel the life all around me, this gives me energy and strength and helps me forget all of my troubles. Short spurts of meditation in this place give me higher senses of fulfilment. The feeling I get when I am at my chill spot, is calming, relaxing and full of positive energy. This is the feeling I want to give out to others and myself. The feelings slowly make me calm, the place does.

Daniël van der Velden,

Daily Zen.

 Author Bio – My name is Daniël van der Velden, writer at Spirit TrackingI write about how us human scan fulfil our roles in this world. My goal is to help others find their spirit path.