How to Expand Your Comfort ZoneLife, whether you like it or not, is a process of constant change.

People, whether it makes sense or not, often resist change.

It’s why so many people are hooked on ‘the good old days’, think that modern culture can never compare to the way it used to be and struggle to deal with new technology.

Whatever the change is that you might face – whether it’s relatively insignificant or utterly life changing – it can be tempting to reject them. Especially if you’re a naturally anxious or sensitive person. It’s tempting to create a little space for yourself when you know you’re going to be comfortable, and just stay there.

And if that is genuinely what you want, then you do that. And don’t you let anyone tell you that’s not okay.

But a lot of people, once they’ve become accustomed to their comfortable little niche, start to stagnate. Being stuck in the same place doing the same things, no matter how nice they may be, gets boring. The monotony gets to you. It stops being fun and starts feeling like a routine that you’ll never escape.

Having somewhere nice and comfortable to come home to is truly valuable. But you won’t appreciate if you never go out and try new things.

This isn’t easy for everyone.

And the common advice – fake it until you make it – can end up leaving you committing to things you really don’t want to do.

Instead of pushing yourself into something that’ll make you feel uncomfortable – or worse – there are some things you can take into consideration when you find it daunting.


It’s okay to take baby steps
You’re actually better off taking it bit by bit. Don’t commit to six week course if you don’t know if you’re going to continue with it after the first session. Take it slow. Go for one thing at a time, and carry on with it if you decide you like it. Simple as that. Don’t rush yourself, don’t push yourself. Be patient with yourself. Trust yourself, and take the next little step as soon as you’re ready.


If you like art, take an art class. If you like music, go to concert. Find something that you already enjoy, and do it in a way that don’t normally. Experience something different that has enough of the familiar about it that it doesn’t put you on edge. Slowly increase how far out of your comfort zone you actually go.


If the thing itself isn’t familiar enough, take someone else. Take someone who knows you well, who understands that this isn’t easy for you, who will be supportive. Someone who will keep your mind off the steps your taking and make it easy for you to just enjoy being – in their company and doing something that you may well come to love.


Remember that no one is forcing you to do this for any longer than you want to. Always try to reach those goals that you set for yourself, but don’t beat yourself up over it. This kind of thing can take time. If you’re not enjoying something, don’t do it. It doesn’t mean you’re failing. It just means that you haven’t found what’s right for you yet.


Don’t give up. There will always be other opportunities to explore your interests. If one thing doesn’t work out, try something else. Eventually you’ll find something that suits you, and you’ll be so much happier for it. Maybe you just need to get used to that feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next. Maybe you’re looking for something specific, you just don’t know it. Either way, you’re not going to find it unless you go out and look.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Kirstie Summers is journalist whose day job takes her to all the most interesting places and events in South London. She also freelances for a number of sites and publications, from gaming and literature reviews to creative fiction. She lives in London and spends as much of her free time as possible making the most of being in such a diverse city. She keeps one day a week to herself to swim, relax and keep the stress of the world at bay.