Girl Holding Painting Against Paint Covered Wall In Studio

Whether you consider your creative habits a little bit of fun or something that defines you, pretty much everyone has their own way to indulge their creativity. Writing, drawing and playing music all have a unique way of calming people, of connecting people to their feelings and of generating a sense of personal achievement.

But, all too often, walls suddenly appear that block us from creating things we love.

No matter how much we might want to, there’s just something in the way that’s stopping us from getting the notes in the right order and the words on the page. Even when it feels perfect in your head, somehow conveying it into reality can be all but impossible.

It’s tempting to give up and hope that inspiration will strike later on.

But that can make for an awful long wait.

Sometimes, inspiration has to be chased, and it’s not always as elusive as it pretends to be.


You need to take some time out to focus on your own thoughts. Being crowded by other people and their lives and problems and ideas is only going to get in the way of that. Take some time to step away from it all. Not just physically, but also try to leave all the preoccupations of your social life behind for a while too.


Go for a walk, or a run, or a bike ride. Even if you just go down the street or to and from the shops. Or just pace up and down the room. If you can get outdoors, if you can go somewhere beautiful, you might even find inspiration there. Just move. Get the blood flowing through your body and the creative juices will come with it.


If you’re really serious about getting something down, you’re going to have to stop everything else getting in the way. Turn off your phone, close down Facebook, get rid of all the things that usually fuel your procrastination. You don’t need to give yourself any excuses to not get this done.


You might have decided you want to create something specific, but there may be a reason that you haven’t been able to up until now. Let your mind wander and see what you find. Maybe there will be something you can apply to your original idea. Maybe not. Maybe you’ll come up with something completely different and you can come back to that first thing later on. Let your mind go where it wants to and see what you come up with. It might surprise you.


Write everything down. Everything you even slightly like. Never assume that you’ll definitely remember it all later. Even if you never do anything with it, you have it there as a prompt the next time you feel stuck. You can expand on it the next time you’re feeling really creative. And it’ll always be there as a reminder of the things you can come up with when you let yourself explore.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Kirstie Summers is journalist whose day job takes her to all the most interesting places and events in South London. She also freelances for a number of sites and publications, from gaming and literature reviews to creative fiction. She lives in London and spends as much of her free time as possible making the most of being in such a diverse city. She keeps one day a week to herself to swim, relax and keep the stress of the world at bay.