zinde ve formda kalmakAsking yourself or somebody else “HOW?” is a game of the mind. It is not possible to answer this question psychologically. How is a question only to be answered within the material world. And the only way to answer a question, materially, is through some type of action. Whether it be action based in thought or organic motion based in present moment awareness, something must transpire in the material or biological world in order to answer the question of HOW. Words are not sufficient and therefore only create a barrier between you and the true answer. This is to say that in order to find out HOW to do something, The something must be done! Within biological evolution the question of HOW something will evolve will be answered through the evolution itself. This is not a psychological question to be answered. As with all psychological questioning, the asking of how is a learned, repetitive pattern of thought.

If you are eager for a result yet must understand HOW the result will come about being before beginning, then you will never begin and therefore TRUTH will never be seen. This IS NOT a “flying by the seat of your pants” moment. It is life in the moment which is all that there is.

Life in the moment is an opposite life to that of the world that lives within its memory of the past and its perception of a future that will never come. This is not living. This is mental athletics that lead only in circles.

HOW? is a direct result of fear. The fear to find out HOW through doing, rather than merely contemplating, is rooted in your programming. Life in the NOW is only a scary place to be because it at first seems lonely and isolating as the world in general is not living on this plane of being. However, freedom is freedom whether those around you are free or not. And it is through your freedom that others may see the possibility of freedom for themselves. And furthermore, it is through the witnessing of your own help to the world that perpetuates the same behavior in those who witness you.

There can be no witness when HOW is attempted to be answered with words, through thought, psychologically because this all transpires in the mind.

The great men and women of history did not change the world by asking HOW. They changed the world by answering the call of intelligence that lay outside of the understanding of man. Not answering in words but through organic motion free from the polluted programming of man.

So, when you find yourself asking HOW and allowing the your internal dialogue to derail your progress, just realize that you already possess the answer but you must observe yourself as you work toward your goal in order for it to be revealed.

John Masters,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – My name is John Masters. I am self employed and have lived in Atlanta, GA for my entire adult life. I believe that thought CAN NOT fix the problems that thought has created so I started the blog WAKING UP IS FREE in order to set myself and others free from obsessive thinking that leads to psychological disorder.