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Experiencing a foggy mind is most likely not something you enjoy. If it is, excuse me for assuming. As for the rest of us, what do you do to shift to a clear mind? Consider that while you enjoy this article I wrote to conclude an experiment I did in which I had nothing but smoothies, water and tea for 3 days. I also made sure that I drank at least 1 gallon of water each day.

The reason I did this experiment was to see how doing a cleanse like this would affect me in different feelings and energy levels. I had read that smoothie cleanses were good for you. But I had never done an actually study to see if that was really true. This was my way of seeing what changes would take affect. I believe my findings will arouse your curiosity.

I measured myself in 13 different areas. Emotions, stress levels, synchronicities and clarity of mind among them. I used the day before my cleanse as a control group to compare my results during the cleanse. I utilized a scale from one to ten, 1 being completely disagree with the statement and 10 being completely agree. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the results. I did three measurements each day. One in the morning, afternoon and at night.Smoothie Cleanse Graph Control 1 - Copy

It looks like in the mornings before I did my cleanse, I was not very energized, happy or joyful. That switched in the afternoon in which I was the most happy and energized. During the night I was back down to low levels. Another point worth noting is that I was at a level 8 for being angry during the night. Overall, The only thing I had higher than a 7 was being angry.Smoothie Cleanse Graph Day 1 2 - Copy

Right off the bat, my physical energy and feeling happy were higher than before my cleanse. The afternoon was nothing too noteworthy, however my levels of feeling sad, depressed and a busy mind were lower. My night time results is something that really stands out! The entire first half including physical energy, feeling happy, joyful, synchronicities, a clear mind, feeling motivated, inspired and fulfilled all rose significantly. My physical energy was a 9 compared to a 2 before I did the cleanse. This allows me to believe that the smoothies gave me a prolonged energy level than I had before. Smoothie Cleanse Graph Day 2 3 - Copy

Day 2 is paramount! My mornings made a complete turnaround! I went from not feeling very energized, happy or joyful to having all of them a 5 or above in the morning. If you look at my afternoon data, you will see nothing below a 6 until we get to the second half of the data. All 3 times of the day I had nothing above a 2 in the categories of feeling stressed, angry, sad, depressed or having a busy mind. That is huge!

Smoothie Cleanse Graph Day 3 4 - Copy

Day 3 you will notice that I don’t have a morning line. That is because I slept in until around noon, which I believe was because I was so relaxed and at peace that I got to enjoy a max amount of sleep that night. My afternoon levels are incredible. My physical energy, feeling happy, having a clear mind and my level of fulfillment were all at 9. While feeling stressed, busy mind, feeling angry, sad and depressed were all at lows of 1. Though at night I was at a level of 7 for being angry. It seems that I may need some anger management. Lol. Actually the spike in anger was a single incident and therefore conclude that it was a single event not related to my cleanse.Smoothie Cleanse Comparisons 1 5 - Copy

This is a comparison between before I started the smoothie cleanse, in the middle of the smoothie cleanse and at the end of my smoothie cleanse. It is obvious that the smoothie cleanse really shifted all of my feelings. Before the cleanse, I wasn’t feeling very energized, joyful or happy, but during the cleanse each of those categories improved. Having a busy mind went from a 6 before the cleanse, to a 2 during and a 3 at the end of the cleanse. A vast improvement.

In conclusion, I will say that it is quite obvious that the smoothie cleanse was a big contributor to improving my feelings of happiness, joyfulness, motivation, inspiration and fulfillment. It was also a major factor in reducing my anger, sadness, depression and stress. It gave me clarity of mind and improved my physical energy long into the night. I don’t believe that I would recommend doing this for a prolonged period without other essential vitamins and minerals and what not that we get from other foods. However, I would recommend trying out a 3 day cleanse as I did with this experiment.

It is important that we do our own experiments and gather our own data on subjects such as this before we really and truly understand. I feel much more empowered with this information and can, with absoluteness, tell people that this really works. Well, it did for me at the very least.

Side Notes: On the first night of the experiment, I wrote that I had to go pee 20 times that day as I was drinking one gallon of water. I believe that this really cleaned out my bladder. I was teaching a group meditation on the second day of my cleanse and after the class, someone came up to me and told me that my aura was a “fiery-brown” color. If anyone has any thoughts about that, I would really like to hear them!

Christopher “Selomon” Closson,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Christopher “Selomon” Closson is on a mission to raise the vibration of Earth through art, music and literature. He does spiritual consulting, is a meditation teacher and a broadcaster hosting the Bring Me to Life radio show and Podcast. He enjoys traveling the country hosting classes and workshops on spiritual topics. One of his presentations was on the Practicality of Meditation in which he presented meditation to healthcare industry leaders about the benefits and practical applications that it provides. He is CEO of Project Bring Me to Life and lives in Cumberland, MD with his divine partner Shannon Shine.