With the New Year’s Eve straight ahead and approacOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhing fast, it is the perfect time to start thinking about the changes you can to make in order to start the next year healthier and happier. Go over this year’s biggest achievements, successful endeavors and missed chances, inspect your business results, private life, daily routine and long-term commitments, and identify the aspects of your life you can improve with a little self-discipline and dedication in 2016. If you do not know which goals to add to next year’s agenda, we suggest introducing these five healthy habits for a refreshing and rewarding change.


Losing weight is one of the world’s top three New Year’s resolutions, but the fact that you are not alone in your waistline distress does not make the path to success any easier. Before you set out to achieve this goal, be aware that extra weight did not creep up on you overnight, so do not expect it to go away in a flash. Weight loss calls for rock-solid self-discipline, lasting dietary changes and regular exercise, and the true results take time to show. There will be bumps on the road, but you can start by ousting junk food from your plate and integrating 3-4 short yet intense workouts in your weekly agenda.


Smoking is probably one of your worst adversaries on the path to a healthier lifestyle. The risk of lung cancer for people who smoke is 25% higher than for non-smokers, so if you want to avoid one of the world’s most fatal diseases, it would be a good idea to cut out tobacco from your life. If necessary, consult your physician about the best methods to shake the nasty habit: there is a wide range of techniques and nicotine replacement products that may help minimize the unpleasant withdrawal side-effects. By quitting smoking, you will be doing a favour both to your health and your budget – and those two aspects of life can always use a little improvement.


If you have a habit of reaching for comfort food at the end of the day, January 1 is a good day to stop it. Sweet, fatty foods are ruining your health and your sexy figure, and they are certainly not making you any happier in the long run. Instead of seeking comfort in a plate of unhealthy snacks, try reaching out to your family and friends for a daily dose of love and support. Replace fattening pastry with wholegrain bread, add veggies and fruit to your plate every day and start counting calories if you want to maximize weight loss benefits of the new dietary regimen. If you are struggling to meet RDA quantities of calcium and other precious vitamins and minerals, you can use osteoporosis supplements to make up for the difference.


Chronic stress is another deadly enemy in the quest for a happy, healthy life because it can trigger insomnia, depression, heart disease and weight gain. That is why you should find at least a couple of hours a day to relax, socialize and spend time with your loved ones. Also, make sure you get enough sleep to prevent burnout, engage in an intense workout to purge negative energy from your body and mind or consult a therapist.


Having an odd can of beer once in a while is okay, but if alcohol is an everyday habit for you, you may want to do something about it. Excessive alcohol intake has an extremely negative impact on your health and can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, mental degradation and even cancer, so dropping spirits from your daily menu may in the long run prove to be the healthiest change you make this January 1.

Are you ready to start the year to come with a set of fresh habits that will improve both your health and your mood? These five resolutions will help make the year ahead a time of good health for both you and your family, and you will certainly look back on it with pride, joy and a sense of personal accomplishment.

Amy Mia Goldsmith,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne with a passion for organic beauty and healthy lifestyle. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.