20150907_007“Hello? Cheryl? It’s me, your purpose. I know you’ve been looking for me and I wanted to make things easier for you. Your purpose is-”

Beep beep beep… shoot, she hung up!

All joking aside, sadly my purpose wasn’t going to drop me a line on my iPhone 5. I’m fairly sure the divine doesn’t have a Twitter handle, and she’s not some elusive midnight Periscoper, either. But life does have a way of speaking to us and if we are tuned in enough to listen, we will hear the message loud and clear. If we don’t listen, life will continue trying to get our attention and the call will get louder and louder until we can no longer ignore it.

Here are the three signs your purpose is trying to catch your attention.


We have all had this question at some point or another. It may be when we’re sat at our desk job that we hate with a passion. It may be in those quiet five minutes at the end of yoga class. Hell, it might even be at 3am in a drunken stupor (yep, I would have tipsy epiphanies many years ago before I got sober). Whenever the question strikes you, you have two simple choices – we can start our journey and explore the options, or we can ignore the call.


Thinking about becoming a trainer? You almost walk into a bus shelter ad for fitness on your way to your day job. Thinking of giving it all up and starting a business as a life coach? Out of the blue, a friend says you would be perfect for helping people find their purpose. Want to… well, you get the picture. That thing you’ve been thinking about, your one true passion, will keep popping up seemingly out of nowhere. The good news? It’s not a coincidence. It’s your purpose calling you, my friend.


Not literally, of course. But the divine will bring in the big guns if you’re not listening to the two subtle messages above. Effectively, the universe will give you message starting with a feather and ending with a truck. The messages become louder if you’re not listening. For me, I was in a car accident and thankfully I was hit by a large and hefty road bike at 60kph. I say “thankfully” because it didn’t get to the point of needing the truck, and in the grand scheme of things I escaped relatively unscathed. I got the message, universe, loud and clear.

What messages are you hearing in your life? Are you ignoring them and dismissing them as a coincidence or are you taking steps towards changing the direction of your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheryl Muir,


Author Bio – Cheryl Muir is a coach, writer and speaker and the Founder and CEO of Cheryl Muir Media Company. Combining her passion for writing and coaching, Cheryl works with heart-centered entrepreneurs to help them increase their exposure and get their message out into the world. Born-and-raised in England, Cheryl is now based in Vancouver, Canada. To find out how Cheryl can help you, visit www.cherylmuir.com or contact Cheryl on Twitter www.twitter.com/cheryljmuir.