Mother and daughterBecoming a mother changes our lives forever and in a big way. We stop being the center of our world and our needs take the back seat. Although mothering comes with wonderful gifts, it can also be difficult because we need to sacrifice much, including our sleep, time, habits and other relationships. Even in close to ideal living situations, parenting comes with a lot of stress and that is why it is crucial that mums take good care of themselves and find ways to enjoy their new lives. Here are a few things that can help.


There is a lot of talk in the last few years about ‘living in the Now’ but it is actually an ancient teaching from Hindu and Buddhist religions that has been used for spiritual development for thousands of years. Some also call it practising mindfulness or turning on our internal Observer. It simply means intentionally becoming aware of the moments we are living and then enjoying them. It does take practice but it is a game changer. Notice everything, little things, like your baby’s smile, their smell, how their hair is growing, the sound of their voice. Cherish each moment.


Mindfulness is actually a form of meditation and you can take this skill one step further and learn some meditation techniques. There are many kinds, from visualizations, mantras and breathing exercises to walking meditations and chanting. They help you check in with yourself and have a calming effect on your autonomous nervous system, improve cognitive functions and strengthen your spirit and your will power. And you will certainly need these life skills being a mum.


Yoga is as beneficial as meditation in helping you maintain your inner mental and emotional balance with the added bonus of keeping you fit. It lowers stress, builds muscles and improves your physical endurance and balance. If you are pregnant and can’t keep up with your regular exercise regime, you could try prenatal yoga which is a gentle form of yoga designed to help your body and psyche prepare for childbirth. There is also post-natal yoga you can do together with your baby.


Even if you are not an arts and crafts person, getting your creative juices flowing can help improve the quality of your life when between feeding’s, naps and changing diaper’s. It doesn’t have to be anything ambitious, but it has to bring you pleasure, just the act of making something, regardless of the final product. It can be drawing, painting, knitting, making house décor items, making jewellery, or even making your baby’s clothes.


Socializing tends to take a serious drop in new mums lives, but this can be overcome with some effort. You can find a group of other new mums to go to walks with, or even do sports with. A friend of mine is a very outdoorsy person, and when she became a mum, she’d just put her son in a baby swaddle and take him along in a stroller when she was jogging and hiking, and even cycling in the mountains. There is lots of baby equipment nowadays that makes it possible for you to have an active life outside of the house.

Mothering is probably the most important role you will play in your life, so learning how to enjoy it with the least amount of stress is important both for you and for your kids. Actively look for beauty and acknowledge it when you find it, develop gratitude for all things and allow yourself to be filled with joy even if things are not perfect. Be a happy mummy!

Emma Lawson,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Emma Lawson is a busy mum to two wonderful boys. She enjoys spending time in nature and all that she needs for her baby boy can be easily found in Bubbaroo. She also loves to explore, learn and share about parenting techniques. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson