Ragazza con mani alla testaAs with all important subjects there are two realms in which we operate. The spiritual or psychological and the physical or material. Action is most typically a result of thought which is material… The result of stimulus combined with past programming that leads to outcome-based action.

There is, however, another action which lies outside of the movement of thought yet which is not motionless. An action based on non-thought! An action not tainted by past programming or future wants. An organic action that takes place once the voices in your head have ceased. The voices that arise immediately, when approaching the limit of your “Comfort zone.” The voices that question your every move and plant doubt within your psychology.

Just observe how you question yourself the second that you formulate a plan. You question your ability and begin to ask how. You have immediately become sidetracked with the desire to know how you will follow through with your plan. How is totally irrelevant in a world where anything is possible. And, for anything to be possible for you, you must stop asking how. This is not an immediate state of being. Ceasing thought and action based in thought does not immediately lead to an organic state of motion. Action based in thought must end for a period of linear time, that is long enough to break the habit of thought, so that one can transition into this state of psychological evolution. This is NOT an evolution towards something. It is an evolution away from the disorder that we have created within ourselves.

Evolution is the perfect word for what I am describing, but not the evolution that we are currently seeing in the world. The evolution that we see taking place in the world is a forced technological evolution. An evolution which we have created and placed great importance on which is wholly unimportant.

The organic evolution of life is what we have chosen to avoid. The evolution of self! This is not a material evolution where the physical form evolves.

Man has arrived at the pinnacle of material evolution yet does not realize it.

The technological revolution is merely mans attempt to continue his physical evolution, which has ended. The next step in the evolution of man is the evolution of the mind. And, the evolution of the mind does not lie within linear time as does the evolution of the body.

The evolution of the mind is immediate and lies within the observation of the folly of man. The easiest way to gain a true understanding that man is the root of his own problem is to watch yourself and observe your thinking. This is far easier said than done because we are conditioned, as tiny babies born to think our way out of our problems. And, our mind perceives the observation of self to be a problem therefore silence is the enemy to an over active mind. This is why silence which is the movement away from thought is crucial in order to arrive at organic-motion… Free from thought.

The true psychological action that leads to change is an insight. It is not a movement of thought. The insight leads to the organic evolution towards psychological order and peace.

This state of action would be more properly called a “revolution” as it takes place immediately upon the sighting of truth, however there will be an “evolution” required to bring yourself to the point of Revolution. And, the amount of linear time required for this is NOT up to you. Enlightenment is not the traveling of a path. It is the allowing of the path to come to you.

This is the difference between action springing forth from thought and “Organic Motion.” When attempting to travel a path, one must have a destination in mind which leads to the construction of a plan which means that the destination has been pre-determined by you. Allowing the path to come to you requires nothing more than the psychological balance that you were born with, and this balance can only be re-achieved through the quit observation of yourself.

If you feel confused regarding when or if to take an action… STOP!

The confusion is your sign that the action that you are about to take is a movement based in thought and will therefore either lead you no-where or around in circles.

Truth which leads to organic motion NEVER causes confusion!

John Masters,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio –  My name is John Masters. I am self employed and have lived in Atlanta, GA for my entire adult life. I believe that thought CAN NOT fix the problems that thought has created so I started the blog WAKING UP IS FREE in order to set myself and others free from obsessive thinking that leads to psychological disorder.