Planetary Retrogrades? Learn how to survive them!A “Retrograde” is when a planet appears to be moving backwards, for people living on Earth. When particular planets are in retrograde many believe this can influence how we feel because of their qualities. Understanding each Retrograde means you know what to avoid during that time. Below we explain what you can learn during a planetary retrograde.


Mercury is a planet linked to communication. During the retrograde, many people can experience miscommunication with one another and even technology. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Double check any contracts before you sign them, even if the terms and conditions are long winded.

•Hold off buying any expensive gadgets.

•Back up your computer in case of system failures and loss of important documents.

When: January 5th 2016 – January 25th 2016, April 28th – May 22nd 2016, December 19th 2016 – January 8th 2017.


Venus is the planet connected to love and beauty. Many will experience communication from ex partners during the Retrograde. There’s also a chance you’ll feel the urge to drastically change their image. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Wait to rekindle a romance after the retrograde. Only then will you see the situation clearly.

•Take your time with any decisions.

•Don’t book a salon appointment just yet. A bad haircut or dye job could be a difficult one to put right if it goes wrong.


Mars represents passion and drive for success. When it’s in Retrograde, expect that your plans for success aren’t going to run smoothly. Mistakes can happen, which could put you at a stand still.  Any actions that can largely alter your future should be avoided for now. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Don’t start any major projects. The retrograde can make you feel sluggish and you won’t be able to give 100%.

•Moving companies and changing career paths needs to be thought through carefully.

•If you are going to submit a document, double check for silly errors that could make you kick yourself later.

When: Every two years. The next Mars retrograde will be 17th April 2016 until June 29th 2016.


Jupiter is connected to travel and its Retrograde can put a spanner in the works. Issues can crop up that affect journeys. It’s a time to make absolutely sure you have a plan B that if something were to happen. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Avoid taking your passport out with you before your travels. Misplacing it could make you miss your entire trip.

•Double check plans with others. A friend might suddenly back out so it’s wise to have an available plus one.

•Make sure you have full travel insurance in case of an emergency with accidents or luggage loss.

When: The next Jupiter retrograde will be January 8th 2016 until May 9th 2016


Saturn is linked to having structure and security in our lives. During this Retrograde, problems can occur and you might jeopardize your position at work. It’s good to stand up for yourself but you will need to be careful with how you put yourself across. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Avoid being too pushy with opinions because it could see you bump heads with your boss.

•Step back and ask how you’d feel towards someone with your behaviour. Would you respect them?

•Wait to discuss any issues until after this retrograde.

When: The next Saturn retrograde will be 25th March 2016 until August 13th 2016


A Uranus Retrograde is linked to surprises. Expect the unexpected during this time. All of a sudden, something might be revealed that shocks you for weeks. This can be something that might even inspire you to shake up your life. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•If you are thinking about quitting your job to travel the world, take a step back first.

•Access your situation and finances before doing anything hasty.

•Be supportive of those around you going through big changes and offer positive advice.

When: The next Uranus retrograde will be July 29th 2016 until December 29th 2016


Our intuition will be heightened, giving us the ability to understand others with ease. Someone’s true feelings will be revealed, which may or may not be what you want to hear. All miscommunications will be crystal clear right now and you can gain a lot of insight. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Stay positive after a breakup. The experience will bring you closer to finding someone who is right for you.

•If someone you like feels the same, take this time to learn why you misinterpreted them.

•If you experience psychic dreams full of symbols, note down everything you remember and look up their meanings.

•When: The next Neptune retrograde will be 13th Jun 2016 until 19th November 2016


Pluto is connected to rebirth and this is a time where many of us could experience a large change in our lives. If something has run it’s natural course, we shouldn’t hang on to it. It’s actually a blessing in disguise since it will allow us to start again and begin a new chapter. Here are the tips to consider during this Retrograde:

•Let a friendship or relationship go if it has lot all emotional meaning to you.

•Remember to communicate how you feel so this can help give you closure.

•Remember that big changes only make us lose a sense of stability for a short period of time. It will soon pass.

When: The next Pluto retrograde will be 18th April 2016 until 26th September 2016


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Author Bio – Ray is a lover of all things astrology, tarot and spirituality (and dogs!). She writes for Wishing Moon.