I Am More Spiritual Than YouWhen I was a child, my friends and I liked to make up silly games, just like most children do. One of the things that we did =on the way back home from elementary school was close our eyes and have a friend lead us by hand.

This was one of my least favorite games, and not because occasionally I found myself being walked into trees, bushes or fences. No injuries were ever encountered. It’s just I really like seeing the world around me. I’ve always liked seeing the whole picture.

However, not all of my friends were like that. I was very surprised to realize that some of them quite fancied walking with their eyes shut. I could never figure out what they liked about it, but they would not open their eyes for a long time and I could tell that they were truly enjoying themselves. That didn’t make me believe that they were better or worse than me; just different…

These days many of us are going through a spiritual awakening. It has either been triggered by some kind of a “rock bottom” (a divorce, a death, an accident, a near-death experience, a bankruptcy, a health crisis…) or we have just decided that the discomfort of considering the possibility that we are more than our bodies is much less than the pain of the old way of living.

However we have arrived at that moment when the decision was made to explore spiritual aspects of life, there are millions of people all over the world who are currently on a spiritual path. Multi-million sales of New Age and spiritual literature and the information that one can find online and in other media are all proof of that, and spiritual life is another area of our lives where we’ve brought comparisons and judgments…

The ability to form conclusions based on our comparing of two or more things is part of our psyche. We all know that even babies have preferences for toys, people, food, sleep time, etc. However, no baby ever thinks that other babies are better or worse than him or her if those babies like different toys, people, food or sleep time. Babies just have preferences and they like to get what they want. Period. Their preferences have absolutely no relationship to anyone or anything else around them.

We can observe the same behavior in a playground. All children find the activities that they enjoy and they pay very little attention to other children. Their only question is, “Do you want to play my game with me?” If it’s a “yes,” they are going to be your friend – for the duration of the game, – and if it’s a “no,” they move on and stop thinking about you – “Out of sight, out of mind.” They do not seem to have any desire to waste their time or energy on judging someone who chooses to play a different game. That is irrelevant to them. The “judgment machine” is not yet part of their world.

It is a different matter with adults… Even the religious and spiritual ones…

We have been assigning “pluses” and “minuses” to everyone and everything around us for so long that it has become an automatic response to anything we experience in life.

Instead of just noticing that someone chooses to “play a different game” in this life or to “play the same game differently” and moving on, minding our own business, we label people as “wrong,” “ignorant,” “unenlightened,” “arrogant,” “stupid…” It makes our egos feel good to think that we are “superior” to someone in some way: “smarter, wealthier, friendlier, kinder,” or “more enlightened,” “more spiritual.”

Do you see the irony of judging someone as “arrogant”? Or thinking that you are “kinder” and “more loving” than someone else?..

Neale Donald Walsh says that while on this planet, we constantly choose who we are and who we are not. Someone else said that whether we want it or not, we all constantly act as teachers to one another: we are constantly showing others what they want or do not want to be. That’s a good way to use our differences, isn’t it?

When I notice that someone is living differently than I am, I ask myself, “Is that the kind of game I would like to play or not? Is the way they are playing their game the way I would like to be playing mine? Are they showing me who I want or who I do not want to be?” I am grateful for all of my teachers.

I know that there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with ANYONE, including those people who choose to live their lives with their “eyes closed.”  That particular game does not appeal to me personally, but I know it does to many people, and I am very grateful that we have the freedom to choose who we want to be and how we want to live.

Have a blast playing whichever game you are currently choosing to play and if you ever get tired of it, thank God for Free Will and remember that there are millions of other games to choose from. The “menu” list is endless. Make sure to choose what you really love and do not worry about anyone else. Most of them are too busy having the time of their lives playing their own games anyway. Do the same!

Diana Kay,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Diana Kay was born in the USSR, grew up in Russia, and moved to the USA in 2003. It fascinates her to capture what it’s like to be a spiritual being having a human experience. For more articles, please visit her blog at dianakay.me.