Simmering Just Beneath the SurfaceThere are times when anxiety’s strong that no matter what you try to do, you just can’t avoid feeling it. The hair-standing-on-end, skin-crawling, nerves-ringing anxiety that represents our worst days.

Then there’s anxiety that we can function through. It’s there, it’s making you aware, but you can still get on with your life. The nagging, persistent anxiety that hangs around more days than we’d like to admit.

And then we have the anxiety that’s simmering just beneath the surface of our minds. This anxiety doesn’t always let you know it’s there directly, it just sits there, lurking, waiting to pick its moment. It’s always bothering us, but it’s that something we can’t necessarily single out. It’s the something that just doesn’t quite feel right.

That’s the kind of anxiety I’ve been feeling lately. The unsettling, coming-out-sideways anxiety that catches us off-guard. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately, trying to juggle several big things at once – and all-in-all, I’m being successful. My life is moving forward, items are getting crossed off my list slowly but surely, but everything’s just feeling a little off.

I’m just uncomfortable, feeling like something’s nagging at me, but I can’t always pinpoint what it is. It’s there, but it’s simmering beneath the surface, not boiling enough to come straight through, but not cool enough to stay out of my consciousness.

Sometimes it will come out sideways as meaningless anger, a manic fit, or extra nervous energy. It takes a lot of effort to recognize this sideways emotion, but when I can, when my mind is clear, I can start to peel back the layers and work on recognizing what’s really behind it.

And usually, it’s just more anxiety. Not urgent enough to cause me panic, but serious enough to make me worry, if only unconsciously. It can be worrying about some paperwork I need to take care of, worrying about getting the kids signed up and ready for school, or worrying about coming up with a topic for my next blog entry.

It’s really important that we be mindful when it comes to this type of anxiety. It’s the kind of stuff that, if unattended, can turn into seriously intense anxiety, unnecessary and misdirected anger and any number of other uncontrolled emotions or impulses.

If we’re mindful of this underlying anxiety, if we take the time to dig in and examine it, we can head off the sideways emotions and unintended consequences that often go with this type of anxiety. We can uncover the truth about our anxiety and worries and we can take steps to manage or even get rid of this anxiety.

We can examine our anxiety, look through it, turn it upside down and look for a lie in it. A lie always exists in anxiety, and when we can find it, we can make the anxiety go away.

Anxiety shows itself in many forms. Lurking underneath the surface of our consciousness is one of the sneakier ways it presents itself. But by being mindful and observant of our own feelings and thoughts, we can examine this anxiety and overcome it.

Jason Large,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Jason has suffered from depression and anxiety for over twenty years. He can be contacted on his Facebook.