Overcoming Unrequited Love and LongingLove isn’t a rare experience, it’s something that happens to everyone, but it profoundly changed my life and it changed me in a way I wasn’t prepared for. It transformed me greatly and when I look back, I no longer identify with my old self. I feel like my soul has been awakened with a fresh perspective on life and I find myself constantly thinking of new ways to discover contentment in my ordinary experiences.

What about you? Have you felt the agonising pain of unfulfilled and unrequited love? Here’s a little something for you to find strength and to not give in to heartache.

The uncertainty of life can be harsh but it’s up to you how you face each day, and the choice to brighten up your days with unbridled joy lies solely with you. Nobody has the power to fix your problems by waving a magic wand, if you aren’t ready to accept love and abundance. Opening up to enriching experiences after an unexpected rejection, betrayal or heartbreak can seem arduous but it doesn’t have to be. Weaknesses within us hold us back and our thoughts are marred by scepticism. Sometimes it isn’t the rush of falling madly in love with someone, but the agony of losing someone that helps you understand the value of life.

Take it easy; give yourself time to grieve and tip-toe your way to happiness without giving in to denial or hatred. To deny the pain of unfulfilled dreams will only fill your heart with bitterness. Accept that things didn’t work out because it wasn’t meant to be and life has something better waiting for you.

When the future looks hazy, confusion can cloud your judgement and make you feel miserable, but, you don’t have to be. Have faith in your abilities and never question your self-worth. Suffering is optional and it’s up to you what you choose for yourself. Whenever something unpleasant happens, focus inward and prioritise your passions. What are you obsessed about? What do you do really well? Have you been filling your life with memorable adventures? If not, this pursuit of happiness is the only fix you’ll ever need, to overcome the feelings of despair caused by unreciprocated love.

Make an end of your anger and let go of the memories that shackle you to your past. With relentless effort, the thought of this unpleasant experience will no longer affect you.

Strength gained from self-love and a busy life filled with things you do to make yourself happy will allow your brilliance to shine through. You will be surprised by your ability to overlook any unkind act, and not be distressed by ignorance or ill-natured actions. We live in a world where most of us are surrounded by uncaring people and it is their lack of awareness that makes them unjust and insensitive. You can either judge someone and engage in mindless acts driven by rage or choose to tread a path that allows happiness to find you.

Inner peace is your lifelong friend and the choices you make in life will keep this friendship in good health. Motivate yourself to defeat chaos, misery, insecurity and depression – feelings that cause unhappiness. Denial will never solve your problems; it will only cause agony to come crawling back to you time and again. Life isn’t easy and it’s temporary, so why would you ever choose unhappiness over happiness?


Daily Zen.

Author Bio – An optimist who believes in living life on her own terms, she is drawn to the beautiful world created by words and often finds herself falling in love with fictional characters.