Shower MeditationShower Meditation…

This is something I like to practice when I’m feeling tense or have had a particularly rough day. Sometimes I will dim the lights in the bathroom and I’ll also add some soothing or inspirational music if I’m in the mood.

Turn on the water. Listen to it hitting the walls and floor of the shower. Does it remind you of the rain? Or does it sound more like a stream falling over rocks in the woods?

As you undress and climb into the shower, pay attention to your body and how it feels. Do you have a tension headache? Is your neck stiff? What about your back, how does it feel? Are your legs sore as you step over the side of the tub? Do your joints ache?

Feel the water hitting your head, the pattering drops against you massaging you. Feel the water run down your neck, your face, dripping off your nose and chin. Does it warm you as it falls over your dry skin?

Slowly spin around and allow the falling water to hit you from all angles. Lower your head and feel the warmth of the water heating your body. Let the water work on your neck, slowly loosening your muscles through pressure and heat.

Let your arms hang loosely at your side. Feel the water trickle down them, down your fingers and away. Move your hand around slowly and watch the water changing where it drops off your body.

Take a step forward and let the force of the water concentrate on your back. Bend at the waist and let your arms hang in front of you, pulling you slowly forward, stretching your back in the heat of the shower.

Stay there for a few moments, allowing the weight of your arms to pull you down, letting the water move over your lower back. Pay attention to the different muscles in your back, are they loosening up? Where are they still tight? Linger in the warm water over the areas that are still stiff, slowly breathing in the moist air.

Be aware of your breath, noticing as it moves in and then out of your body.

When your back has released its tension, slowly stand up, turn around and let the water hit your face. Feel all the drops pounding on your cheeks, your forehead, your chin. Let the water massage you. Rub your cheeks, your temples, your forehead with your hands. Feel the tension leaving your face.

Slowly, deliberately, comfortably, wash your hair. Feel the slipperiness of the soap between your fingers. Feel the lather building up. Feel the tingling against your scalp. Feel the difference in your hair as you begin to rinse the soap out of it.

Move to your body. Be deliberate and slow and wash one area at a time, your arm and hand, your back, your torso, your leg, your face. Take your time and notice your body as you clean it.

As it’s all clean, rinse your body deliberately, and let the tension you might still be carrying go as the soap leaves your body. This is a new beginning, a fresh start.

Let the warm water run over you. Notice the steam as it twists around the room in swirls and eddies. Feel your breath coming and going as it enters and leaves your body.

Let your tensions and worries go. There is new opportunity awaiting you. Breathe.

As I end this type of shower I like to sit on the edge of the tub, wrapped in towel, allowing myself the time to air dry. I feel that it extends the mediation and allows for more relaxation.

Jason Large,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Jason has suffered from depression and anxiety for over twenty years. He can be contacted on his Facebook.