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Fear is only a delusion of our intelligence.

Fear becomes real only when we allow our Egos to persuade us to believe in what we are scared of.

Within ourselves we hold the power to reason, the power to comprehend and the power of thought. Recognizing this influence of strength in ourselves is the mastery of controlling our frightened actions and our fearful introspection.

What makes us hesitate constantly in our daily lives? Why do we let inside forces make us anxious and nervous? What is it that controls us and why does it want to stop us from being happy?

Is it society alone that pressures us into believing what is dictated as rational logic, or are there many, many forces of sensibility that feed our Egos with so-called ‘common sense?’

Habitual patterns of thinking, routine and day-to-day existing may be all too common for any sense at all. Perhaps what we should be making more sense of, is being more aware of our perception, our addictions to automatic awareness. Just like robots, our Egos are constantly taking over what naturally resides within. We lose sight of our Intuitive Nature because of how we have been programmed to think.

Our keen intuitive awareness gets locked away in a tiny little vault inside of us, so we become less conscious of our Soul. This is why the volume of fears in our minds grow, they are constantly being fed. It is a vast array of thoughts and perceptions of what we have been programmed to believe.

Our responsibility and the mission of our Soul is to find our way through the mud of our mind’s eye—allowing us to reconnect to the ‘Truth’ of who we are. To live our life authentically and sincerely is the ultimate goal. This destination has no place for fear.

Shedding the vast and sticky layers of constraint and control is no easy task. There is a mould that has to be broken. The reshaping and modifying of our consciousness demands courage and commitment, but there is no reason to doubt that this can be done. All the tools that you will need to break and reform this cast of thinking are nestled quietly inside you. It is a neat and tidy array of intuitive essentials wrapped in gold paper waiting to be opened.

This is a gift you were born with. Waiting for the perfect time to open this present maybe valuable time lost and wasted. There is no such thing as ‘perfect,’ and when we accept that there is no flawless, faultless or precise moment, perhaps we could realise that the time to unwrap the golden paper and reveal the beautiful box of tools is NOW. Unveil the gift that will change your life.



Daily Zen.

Annanda Healing Place

Ontario, Canada