How Running Made Me the Ultimate OptimistBeautiful books….this way!

How running made me the ultimate optimist…

I used to hate running. I thought I could never do it because I didn’t have the right body. Luckily, my first summer job I worked in a marketing department and my coworkers were all runners. Every Tuesday/Thursday at lunch we would hit the trails. We started off slow. Thankfully the more I trained the easier the runs became and the faster the side stitches went away. I learned a lot about form but more importantly I learned to keep a positive outlook when training.


Everyone knows that endorphins are the best part of going for a run. I’m known to grumble as I lace up my shoes at times, but the after feeling. Totally worth it. When conducting studies on the benefits of running Dr. Henning Boecker of the University of Bonn, noticed the change in mood easily by facial expression. Endorphins are the best natural high!


There is something so meditative about running. It forces you to be so present.

I love running because I know that I can physically exhaust my body and wipe a clean slate mentally. Living in the moment, being present and aware of your feelings.


When I first started running I only wanted to run in the sun. As a Canadian who has snow cover for almost 7 months of the year I easily found every excuse. It’s too cold. I could slip. What if I caught a cold? In the summer the hot heat would bounce back up on the pavement and I learned to appreciate the shade. When running enjoy every minute of shade, every second of beautiful sun and every crunch of leaves on a crisp fall morning.


The best! Running buddies are movers, literally. I love my running buddies not only do they manage successful careers, are amazing parents but they also kick ass and kill PB’s. Running buddies keep you on track in more way than one.

•Keeping you committed

•Ensuring  you’re active

•And pushing your boundaries

Remember ‘runners’ are B.A. And you my friend, you are a runner.


My favourite is connecting with nature. I love running outside on the great running paths I grew up on. There’s beautiful little creeks and the tall majestic trees. When I am in a heavily populated tree area I make sure to take in extra deep breaths. Those beautiful trees are giving you fresh, clean air! Run a little slower and fill your lungs full of that oxygen rich air—your body needs it.


Yeah, from time to time I need to remind myself of this. Usually, its at the last 200m of a race or getting back at it after taking some time off. Say it to yourself. Say it out loud. Say it often. Affirmations like this are very good for keeping us on track and keeping our minds positive. You got this – you’re a runner!

Happy trails!


Daily Zen.

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