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How many times in your day do you notice your thoughts? Truly just notice the thoughts that come and go within your mind the way that clouds come and go across the sky?

Thoughts about work, that grocery list that has been nagging you, the fight you might be going home to that has been left unresolved, the piece of cake in your fridge, or perhaps a pile of unpaid bills on the counter because you have just lost your position at work. It seems that we are never separate from these, these thoughts that almost plague us some days.

Interesting concept, if you really start to tease it apart – that you may never be apart from what occurs spontaneously in your mind daily. How could a person just be observer to the thoughts in their mind, like watching clouds shift and change without the felt need to take action?

Let me elaborate for you. At one of the lowest points in my own personal life – a separation of a marriage and upcoming divorce I had just moved into a basement suite all to my own. It was empty. Stark. On the floor in the corner all I had that came with me into the new chapter of life, was a laundry basket of clothes and a Winnie the pooh glass. 

For as deep as some of that life pain was, the thoughts in that moment had led me to peace, as they just came and went. No doubt there were thoughts of panic, of anger, resentment, of loneliness, and the list can go on. Just allowing these thoughts, however heavy, to come and go was where the peace entered. Allowing the thoughts of possibility and hope of growth and change to come and go, even if they seemed so far out of reach, this is where peace entered. 

Neither of the thoughts that entered my mind in that incredibly memorable moment of life needed to be clenched, digested, and analysed. The life lesson here; is that all of the thoughts came, and then they passed. They did not each individually need to be greeted with emotion, action and reaction, they just were.

When allowing time to ‘just be’, this is where it seems you can find what creates happiness for yourself. At any moment in time, you may have a little or you may have a lot.  Allowing yourself to just be as you are, what you are, could this be enough to perceive nearly anything as ‘ok’? Quite the life challenge isn’t it?

There are times in a day, in an hour even when thoughts can be truly invasive, much like life events.  Imagine yourself watching a storm blow in, maybe it really is violently blowing in. These thoughts, no matter how stormy or how threatening they may come in, will also fade out. How could you feel, just watching this event as observer rather than believing you ‘must fix it’ – which just creates more thinking, anxiety and ultimate failure really. Let it pass, knowing that who and what you are can observe the thoughts that are not only sunshine and bright, but that are grey and foreboding. Just watch in wonderment, how dynamic, creative and imaginative you and your thoughts truly are! Let them come and go much like the clouds in the day knowing that they are a part of you but not solely definitive of yourself.


Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Chrissy lives life with passion and thirst for learning. Always wanting more for herself and the people she is with. Although never perfect in practice her life mantra is to invest in self, in others, in life and experience.  Living life in moments and taking chances, Chrissy is usually on the move with some new idea. For more Click Here