Just Fly“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Every day from morning into the afternoon before sunset, the butterflies frolic through the flower garden as a canvas of unapologetic joy with wings.  Butterflies of all varieties are present to share in the bounty of nectar each piece of floral delight offers.  Some appear as if they had just emerged from the sleep of the chrysalis stage of life.  While, others are tattered showing some wear on their less vibrant wings with pieces of themselves missing.  Maybe some have been caught in a storm, or escaped the clutches of other creatures in the environment.

But, they never stop flying.  The focus on what they have lost is not considered.  Instead the focus is on the sweet nectar of life.  Butterflies do not look at the new supple butterfly on the next flower.  The supple, young butterfly does not look upon the worn butterfly as less worthy.  A butterfly is instinctively aware that it will have the opportunity to fly only two to three times in a short period. Though the range of flight can span across a country, the butterfly’s time is limited.  No time for trivial matters.

The human species has the capacity to utilize observation of lower animal orders to understand how to live a happy life.  The key to happiness is to let go of ego and desire.  The present moment is real.  Now there is a new present moment and the last is gone.  The relevance of what used to be a supple, new butterfly who transformed with tattered wings has no bearing on the ability to fly, enjoying life’s sweet nectar.

By consciously taking time to notice in each day what is beautiful, simple and astute, one would be hard-pressed to be without a semblance of joy regardless of circumstances.  The opportunity to acknowledge gratitude is in and of itself, something in which to be grateful.  All art in life is inspired by what is present in any state.

We do not have to suffer the illusion of perceiving that we are not enough.  Letting go of a past season as in the metamorphosis from caterpillar to chrysalis.  Then, chrysalis to butterfly frees us to just fly.  Even in this final state realizing that nothing stays the same.  Our wings may outwardly be less vibrant and possibly tattered.  Life is more balanced and peaceful when the reality as it is fully embraced as a beautiful part of this experience.  Wisdom is trusting the process.

The butterfly focuses on the flower for sustenance for both itself and the flowering plant.  It flies because it doesn’t waste time to consider of how short its existence may be, or that the once supple wings from the last stage may not be as they were.  It proliferates its own species by obtaining nourishment for energy to lay eggs for the metamorphic cycle for the next line of butterflies. The species of the plant is pollinated to enable fertilization and reproduction for generations of all nature to enjoy.  It is mutually beneficial and perfect in all stages.

Taking time each day to observe nature feeds the soul, providing understanding and acceptance.  It is the prevention and remedy for an unbalanced mind.  It is the original reference for all answers.

Natalie Chapman,

Daily Zen. 

Author Bio – Natalie Chapman was born in Northeast Georgia and now calls a young berry vineyard in the Appalachian mountains home.  She resides with her husband, five cats, two dogs and all the wilderness of bird song and the occasional bear.  She graduated from North Georgia College and State University with a B.A. in Business Administration, and later acquired a second degree in Education.  She believes that nature and art provide understanding and inspiration to create a life of peace.