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The finest things a person can have in life are love and friendship. The things that are most valuable to us are our friends, our relatives, the people we have in our life that care about us. The people who choose to be around us and to make sure they are there to help us when we need it.

Surrounding yourself with those people will have a huge impact on your life as a whole. Their presence will support you through any situation.

But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them so close that you don’t get any personal space. Having your own time to be away from everyone else, no matter how much you love them, is the only way to maintain a healthy relationship.

This can be difficult to get sometimes if you share your home with a friend or, closer still, a partner. If you’re close enough that you spend a lot of time in the house socialising with each other for large amounts of time, it can be easy to neglect your you time. Maybe it’s because you feel pressured to join in more than you’d like to, or maybe you just lose track of yourself because you’re caught up in the fun of being surrounded by good friends.

No matter how happy other people make you, little irritations can build up over time. If you don’t give yourself the time to internalise things, to make peace with your feelings and to understand your private reactions to life. Having time to just be quiet and to get on with your own thing and to let you conscious mind take a break from everyone else’s business to focus, for a while, on your own, gives you the opportunity to relax from all the excitement and to reconnect with what you want.

To be able to engage properly with the world, you have to give yourself times of peace to digest it. Even if you don’t sit and consciously reflect, your mind given the chance to rest only on you will ease itself to healthier frame of being.

Some people, regardless of the help and support that are on offer to them, find it easiest to emote when they are alone with their feelings.

That doesn’t meant they value the presence of their loved one any less. It doesn’t mean that that presence isn’t one of the most important things for their mental and emotional health. It just means that you worry yourself so much about being able to answer the questions of others that you forget to answer your own.

Sometimes, the most important thing you can do to internalise a situation is to make sure that you fully understand your own thoughts about it. For that, you need a certain amount of solitude and patience.

And if the people around you care about you as much as they say they do, they’ll understand that. They’ll accept when you don’t want to talk or hang out or do anything too boisterous. They’ll wait until you need them and, when that time comes, they will still be there.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

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