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Depression no matter how little still affects people in many different ways even if they do not realise it.  Did you know that about twenty million people are fighting a battle with depression alone every single year? And if you have empathy, like myself, that can bring you down just being around people who are caught up in depression and negativity. More and more people continue to feel lost and out-of-place because of this.

Depression isn’t just something that goes away in a day, it truly takes time & management of your mind. Women are two times as likely to have depression compared to men. (Could this be our society?) Everyone feels the need to be “perfect”. It’s easy to see that depression is taking over many young people’s lives. It affects people no matter how much money they have, no matter where they’re located on the map, and no matter the age. Studies show that people who are more exposed to violence, neglect, abuse, or poverty have a harder time with it. Sometimes the weather can even have an effect on how you’re feeling (seasonal changes). We should also take into consideration that we are all one – we all put out energies that other people receive. For example: Mondays are long and slow for most people who are groggy going through their first day back at work from a relaxing weekend.

Believe it or not it really doesn’t have to be something you live with forever! Whether it’s something from childhood that gets you down, relationship problems, or work. There’s hope.


When depression occurs, coping with it can definitely be a daunting task, but once you get into the habit of bettering yourself it doesn’t have to be that way! Do you ever find yourself so sucked into sadness and depressed thoughts and feel like there’s no way to change so you let the darkness take you over? I’ve realised, and want you to as well, that it doesn’t have to be that way and you have the power to put it behind you.

Constantly make sure that you’re brushing off any negative thoughts you have whenever they occur! Get into habit, that whenever you’ve thought something negative, say at least three things that are positive.

Take deep breaths often.

Meditation is beautiful for clearing your mind from thoughts that will get you down. You are not your depressed thoughts.

Spend time in nature and be one with the Earth.

Get off of phones and computers and television – they have been proven to keep you down.

I’ve found that spending at least forty minutes a day outside is very beneficial to your mind! If you realise and say to yourself that you are here for a reason, you will soon be able to understand you can be so much more than your depression.

Close your eyes and let the suns rays and warmth bring you bliss and peacefulness.

Staying away from anyone who is toxic to you will help greatly. Positive people bring out your own positivity. Once you train your mind you will no longer feel trapped, and won’t be able to be brought down by yourself or others around you.

Remember that you are more than any label that society has created – we all know there is many. I like to think that every day is a new day to be positive no matter how severe your depression! Do things today that you say you’ll do tomorrow. Little things or goals like that will make you feel accomplished.

Read a good book and try to eat healthier! The better the foods you put into your body, the more energy you will have to put towards positive things! Taking walks in nature or even just around the corner have positive effects on your mood. (Exercise releases brain chemicals that make it easier to be positive) Remember that you are you and that no one will ever be who you are – so there’s no reason to let depression take up your beautiful mind!


Even when it seems like a never-ending battle, there are ways to prevent how you’re feeling while trying to cope with what’s already on your plate. Make sure that you go to sleep at a reasonable time and try not to sleep all day. Having a balanced nights sleep will help you as well.

Stay away from sugary foods and snacks – sugar has been proven to play a large roll in depression.

Finding hobbies that you enjoy will also keep your mind away from depressed thoughts. For example: I love spending time in nature collecting rocks and spending time with animals. It keeps my mind wandering in a good direction.

Healing your chakras (which can be very different from one another) will also prevent you from feeling the ways that you do. Your energy is everything and healing your chakras will help benefit your mind and make you feel more fulfilled.

Having friends or family that want to help you will also help quite a bit. They can be there if you get down to help you bring yourself back up and stay positive. (We could all use a little help sometimes!)

Most importantly remember that there’s a balance and you can find it within yourself.

Malliyah Lusch,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio – I’m Malliyah Lusch –  I am a buddhism and spirituality fanatic. You can reach me on twitter @mallithegoddess