Growth And Personal Development Of Your Mind And SpiritWhy do we feel we always need to be racing around? We are always in a hurry.

The whole world seems to be in so much of a hurry. Everywhere you go there are car horns blaring, people saying ‘excuse me,’ or in other words, get out of my way; there are angry faces and sometimes voices at the grocery check-out line—the list goes on and on. Why do we feel like we always need to be racing around? Could there be a pre-programmed microchip hidden somewhere under our skin, one that gives us a jolt if we are motionless for more than three minutes? We never seem to give ourselves enough time to just be still. How can we fully appreciate what we have if we are not adequately present? Could it be that we keep ourselves involved and occupied, because we constantly have to provide food for our Egos? Perhaps we avoid standing still because it would mean that we might have to meld with our Inner Being—a frightening thought I’m sure, for a lot of people.


There will come a time when we are forced to face the Soul that resides within us.

There are really two Worlds we are born into. The slow and steady understanding of our outside World as we grow and the second being the connection we often try so hard to have with our inner World. There is hope, because at some particular point in our life, we will be forced to face the Soul that resides quietly and patiently inside us. Eventually we will be faced with a ‘moment’ that we can not escape; it will catch us off guard and perhaps shake the foundation of who we are.

Fear will grasp us behind the ears, we might struggle to catch our breath and many emotions may surface all at once, hurling us into the darkness that we have been trying so hard to avoid. The blackness is what we have been steering clear of, by constantly doing and keeping busy.


There will come a moment in your life when you are ready to grow.

When the ‘moment’ comes do not be afraid; rather surrender to your emotional state, calm yourself and know that the Universe is offering you an amazing opportunity.

Your Soul is ready to grow and expand. A welcome sense of freedom will surface beneath the confusion and uncertainty. This is how the Soul nudges us to get our attention.

There will be a mumble, jumble array of sentiments, but with these emotions there will be a deep inner sense of personal power as well.

You have entered into a Soul Shift and your life will become very interesting for a little while.

Watch for the constant synchronicities that the Universe will send your way. Use these coincidences to guide you along this new path that is being laid out for you.


The important thing to remember is ‘trust.’

Adjust your sails as you slowly begin to adapt. Modify, refine and make any necessary changes as they come. This is a very exciting time, but there is work to be done and some of it won’t be easy. What is most important to remember is ‘trust.’ Trust what your gut feelings are telling you, trust everything that is happening is meant to be, to help you grow and elevate. Trust the Universe and the guidance it will provide for you. Most of all trust yourself and know that you deserve all the goodness that this World has to offer. You are a divine being.


Ann Tune,

Tiny, Ontario Canada