The Clues To The Life You Want Are There - Follow ThemThroughout my life I had (and continue to have) a wide array of interests.

I played several sports from cricket, rugby, tennis, hockey and golf to football; the list is vast. Over time I lost interest in some of these sports. I got bored. But you’re pretty good at Tennis, Why would you stop? And Golf, you shot an 81, you were just getting better? These were some of the questions I got in response to me ‘quitting”. I felt some guilt about this. Why then would I stop?

I had a marble and a coin collection. At some stage I even read a lot, then didn’t touch a book for years to come.

I enjoyed playing video games and strategy computer games like Age of Empires. I would often play through the night, waking up, only to repeat the process. I would do this for days on end. I would do it and I would do it hard. Then I’d get bored, only to come back to doing the same thing again a couple of months later.

I started several blogs, one on travel, one on rap music and one on digital signage. I went in full throttle and then I lost interest. I got bored.

Over time I developed an interest in Business, fuelled by my two and a half years that I worked at a tech startup.

My entrepreneurial mind also started to develop during this time, I was constantly thinking of business ideas.

If I wasn’t thinking about ideas, I was thinking of ways to streamline and improve business processes.

Then at some point whilst still working for the tech startup, I started to get this feeling inside of me. Yes, you guessed it, I got BORED! A new interest was on the Horizon, namely travel! So I went to explore the world for 16 months.

Looking back into my childhood I have always had an affinity towards exploring. Having grown up on a farm, I loved being out in nature, going on hikes and swimming in rock pools in the mountains with family and friends. This desire for exploration, I have carried with me ever since.

Also as youngster I was always inquisitive always asking questions, always questioning why. As with exploration, I have carried this with me my whole life.

At this point you may be thinking, so what? What Purpose does the above story serve?

Well forget my story for now and look closely at YOUR story (yes, this is where I tell you to start thinking about your story). The clues to the life you have always wanted to live have always been there.

All you have to do is look back throughout your life. Look back into your childhood. Look back to see what makes you, you.

For example some of the things that makes me, me are the following:

  • I have many interests and passions – some refer to this as a Polymath (or multiipotentialite) personality type. The likes of Richard Branson and Leonardo DaVinci are all Polymaths.
  • When I do something new, I give it my all. Once I have got what I want out of the process, I get bored and move on to a new interest.
  • I am an Inquisitive person
  • I love exploring (both travel and myself)
  • I am entrepreneurial

So if the above makes me, me, surely then it makes sense to build a life around who I am, a life around staying true to myself?

One would think so, because naturally this will bring more enjoyment and happiness into ones life – some would argue that this is ultimately the main the purpose of life: to enjoy it.

This is why, when I decided to launch an online business/project in the form of a blog, namely getButterflied, I launched it around a broad theme and not a niche as ever one advocates. This allows me to move between interests, whilst still remaining relevant to my readers.

And more importantly it keeps me interested; I remain true to my nature as a Polymath. I get to be creative, inquisitive and entrepreneurial, all things that make me, me.


Think back. Or better yet, start writing down a little personal life story for yourself.

Look for activities you were engaged in throughout your childhood.

When were you most happy?

Look for recurring patterns.

Once you have a relatively good idea of what makes you, you; start thinking about how you can use that new found knowledge to build a life you want, a life where you remain true to who you are.


For instance if I were planning to work for a company, the best job for me would be one where I can get involved with many aspects of the business and not just do the same thing day in and day out. I gravitate towards startups.

Or better yet, If you are like me and want to be your own boss, think of ways you can achieve this.

Launching a blog is what I did, and I think it’s a good starting point towards building a life where you remain true to yourself. You learn so much about yourself through the process. Besides its fun.

Choose a topic to that really interests you, or better yet create a broad topic.

You can do anything and achieve anything in life, but if you remain true to yourself, you are well on your way to creating the life you want and ultimately a life that you enjoy more, a happy life.

And whilst doing this remember there are no hard and fast rules. We make things up as we go along. Life really is a journey. So enjoy the ride.


What’s your story? What steps are you taking towards building a life that remains true to who you are?

Nick Darlington,

Daily Zen. 

Author Bio – Nick Darlington is the founder of getButterflied, where he helps, encourages and inspires people to transform their lives and the world around them. After obtaining his Business Management Degree, he spent two years working in a tech startup, before traveling the world. He is a polymath, free spirit, traveler and aspiring entrepreneur and is currently building a life around his polymath nature.

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