Six Great Leonard Cohen QuotesLeonard Cohen’s most famous creation is popular for its ability to inspire hope, to make people feel empowered. “Hallelujah” was written twenty years in Cohen’s recording career and has since been covered by almost two hundred artists.

Cohen spent his life learning, creating and experiencing the world to its fullest extent and expressing his feelings about it all in a way that connected to a lot of people. His reflections show the depth of his exploration and are valuable to anyone hoping their life will follow a similarly introspective path.

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Leonard Cohen Quotes;

“Here’s to the few who forgive what you do, and the fewer who don’t even care.” – Letting others make their own decisions is an important part of showing respect towards the rest of humanity. If you make an effort to understand someone else’s choices and choose to let them be even when you disagree with their reasoning, you are showing them an admirable level of compassion and tolerance. You can take that one step further by not feeling the need to get involved in the first place, by just letting them get on with their lives and knowing that it only affects you if you make it.

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” – Change doesn’t have to be difficult, but when you’re preoccupied with your dissatisfaction, it can feel like it does. If you go out of your way to practice being the person you want to be, soon enough that will simply be your way.

“Going nowhere isn’t about turning our back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.” – Needing a break from things – whether that’s things that regularly frustrate you, things you usually love, or the whole word – doesn’t mean you don’t still value them. In fact, that break can reinforce to you just how special they are. It can give you the opportunity to reflect on its place in your life and to really appreciate the roles it plays.

“It is easy to display a wound, the proud scars of combat. It is hard to show a pimple.” – Imperfections can be different to share, especially if we have no control over them, especially if they have no story behind them that reveals our inner strength. But it’s important to understand that imperfections are what make people unique, regardless of their tale.

“The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines.” – It’s easy to give up at the beginning. It’s difficult, when you’ve only just started something, to compare it to what you want it to become without feeling the weight of the work you’ll have to put in. But if you wait until you’ve finished, before you judge yourself, before you become critical of what you’ve done, you’ll be able to hold onto your motivation for so much longer.

“Forget the perfect offering. Everything is flawed. It’s the cracks that let the light in.” – Nobody is perfect, and that is why everyone is unique. It what makes people different, it’s what makes the special. What makes you different might not seem as impressive as some other people’s, but as long as you remember to cherish what stands you apart from the crowd it won’t ever matter.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

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