Alcohol And Anxiety- Meditation Will Free Your MindALCOHOL ONLY NUMBS YOUR ANXIETY. 

One thing that alcohol should never be used for is anxiety-relief. Using alcohol to drown your worries is a dangerous path to take. Because, whether you realise it or not, alcohol doesn’t actually get rid of your anxiety.

Pounding back shots of vodka, shots of whiskey, shots of rum, or pints of beer doesn’t actually get rid of your anxiety. Alcohol only inebriates you. It numbs your anxiety with a temporary high. And it fools your mind into thinking that it’s gone.

And at the same time, alcohol also impairs your decision-making. So the obvious choice for getting rid of any remaining anxiety you have after your buzz wears off is to kick off another round of drinks. Before you know it, you’re pounding back round after round trying to make your anxiety disappear. But it’s never actually goes away.

On the other hand, the daily practice of sitting in meditation for twenty-minutes twice a day wipes out your anxiety. That’s right. Simply sitting down in the stillness of a twenty-minute meditation session is much more effective for killing anxiety compared to drinking alcohol. Instead of numbing your pain, meditation totally eradicates your agitation to replace it with relaxation, tranquility, peacefulness, and serenity that last throughout your day or night.

Alcohol only numbs your anxiety. Meditation wipes it out and replaces it with a thick and beautiful sense of peacefulness that stays with you.


Pounding back alcohol drowns out your worries with a temporary high. But more often than not, drinking doesn’t actually get rid of the problems or situation that was frustrating you in the first place. And as anyone who has ever made a drunken mistake can tell you, deciding to drink away your anxiety is a choice that often results in more problems, bad decisions, and regretful mistakes than you started with.

What makes meditation special is that it can consistently offer you something that drinking alcohol doesn’t: solutions. When you decide to eradicate your anxiety with sitting in stillness for twenty minutes twice a day rather than drinking alcohol, you’re going to discover endless creativity waiting for you underneath that agitation and frustration.

And after twenty minutes of tapping into that endless creativity, you might walk away with some life-changing gifts that drinking could never offer you: insights, ideas, plans, and solutions for fixing your problems instead of numbing your pain.

When disaster strikes and frustration, anxiety, and agitation take over your mind, you have to make a choice. Are you going to consume a substance that may likely add more trouble to your life? Or are you going to embrace a meditation practice that could guide you to the light at the end of your frustration?

If you’re looking to totally wipe out your anxiety with pure peacefulness and walk out of your situation with creative solutions to end your frustration, then meditation is the right choice for you.


How To Get Started


Books like Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All by Russell Simmons, Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons, and The Spontaneous Fulfillment Of Desire by Deepak Chopra are always a great place to find simple instructions on how get started with your daily meditation practice.


And if you’re more of a technology person, there are tons of great Android and Apple mobile apps that can teach you some simple steps for beginning your meditation practice. Trailblazing entrepreneur and well-known advocate for sitting in stillness Russell Simmons recently released an app worth taking a look at called Meditation Made Simple.

Bo Muchoki,

Daily Zen.

Author Bio: Bo Muchoki is an up-and-coming self-help writer. He is a 2011 graduate from The University of Maryland and the author of a forthcoming book titled Know Yourself: A Guide To Fulfilling A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.
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