5 Essential Oils To Help AnxietyOver a year ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Instead of taking medication I decided that I wanted to combat anxiety the natural way. In conjunction with a healthier diet, exercise and essential oils, you too can manage your anxiety better.

Here are my top 5 Essential Oils To Help Anxiety:


Often known as the “universal oil” this essential oil has an incredible effect of calming the body, mind and soul. This one is a natural sleep aid and the benefits of lavender extend far past anxiety and insomnia. Lavender is great to put into a defuser and spread a light scent throughout the house. I recommend rubbing the lavender into your temple and third eye.


Jasmine is my favourite essential oil. It has this gorgeous feminine scent from beautiful little white flowers. Jasmine helps with confidence, sensuality and also helps with reducing symptoms of PMS. Apply to your wrists just before a job interview or when meeting new people to ease some social anxiety.


Pachouli has great grounding properties so it will help align your chakras. Apply behind the ears but be careful not to put too much on other wise you’ll smell like a “hippy” unless thats what you’re going for 😉


Peppermint helps relieve anxiety butterflies you feel in your stomach and headaches. Inhale deeply, and apply to the third eye, temples, back of the ears and neck. Careful not to get this guy too close to your eyes because it can tingle and cause your eyes to water. Peppermint is also very refreshing on a face cloth, roll it up and put it in the fridge and use it to cool off on those hot summer nights.


For me depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Lemon Grass has a lovely scent which helps me get out of bed and get going. I suggest adding a few drops to your early morning shower or having a meditative bath with LUSH Avobath bath bomb to de-stress and get happy quick!

The beauty of essential oils is they are easy to carry and you can put some in your medicine cabinet, purse, backpack or car and they last a few years. Apply essential oils before meditation to experience a powerful calming effect! I have noticed the dramatic effects in my personal life and you can too.

Love & Light,


Daily Zen.

Author Bio: Natalia is a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Blogging about mindfulness while living in a world of faeries and mermaids. Check out her up and coming blog over at Modern Day Mindful. #itsGreattobeGrateful

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