Benefits Of Reiki - An Ancient Way Of HealingReiki is the name used for healing energy, it originated in the ancient monasteries of Tibet thousands of years ago, practised by the Tibetan Lama`s and traced back to the teachings of the medicine Buddha who wished for the art to be shared.

In the late 1900`s a man from Japan called Dr Mikao Usui embarked on an incredible journey, he was to travel, study, meet people from foreign lands and be ostracised from his family, but he never seemed to lose his focus which was to bring Reiki to all people. At a personal cost to himself Dr Usui succeeded in bringing Reiki to us today. This is where the Reiki story begins and the Lineage from Dr Usui and all who trained with him and those who have continued the healing’s, teachings and pure intent on helping others. Bringing the healing and knowledge from the confines of the monasteries into the lives of people from all walks of life and all over the world.

The word Reiki is made up from two words, each individual word has its own meaning and brought together the form the name Reiki.

Rei (Ray) – Spiritual or Sacred

Ki (Kee) – Energy


Reiki is an amazing healing energy which can be used by gently touching the body, with hands raised over the body, or both techniques can be used together. There is no rubbing or massaging, only if the therapist is a trained maseur, then they can combine the two therapies together. The benefits of Reiki are wonderful, Reiki uses chakras (the seven centres of natural energy in the body) to re-balance, re-energise and cleanse your physical body, your energy field and the aura which surrounds the physical body.
Benefits Of Reiki - An Ancient Way Of HealingThere are seven main chakras which are located down the centre of the body as shown in the diagram. The chakras are spinning wheels of energy, each chakra is located over a major organ in the body.

If we are ill, suffer a trauma or an emotional upset the chakras will respond and they can become blocked and sluggish which affects our overall health and wellbeing. So for example if a client has experienced a break up with their partner the emotion could go to the heart, the heart will hold the hurt and emotion blocking the Heart Chakra.

So if this emotion is not resolved it will stay in the heart chakra and over time this could cause illness. Reiki helps identify which chakras are not functioning properly and it helps to rebalance and re energise them so the bodies energies flow keeping us healthy.

The Reiki healer channels the Reiki energy and transfers the energy to their client through their hands, or by thought and intent (absent healing if the person or animal is not present) you can also send healing to a place ie. Earth quake, flood or even if an argument has taken place to cleanse the space. It is also possible to heal with the feet as you channel the Reiki energy. It is your intent to send healing and the Reiki will flow through the feet the same as it would with the hands. Not everybody has the psychical ability to use their hands, however using their feet can heal just as good. Think of all the lovely paintings that have been created by artists with their feet.

There are four stages of learning with Reiki (Please use a Teacher who has been recommended to you. Some Teachers will charge a lot of money and Teach Reiki 1 and 2 in one Day. In my experience Reiki cannot be taught in one day)

Reiki 1 – 2Day course (Self Healing and learning the hand positions)

Reiki 2 – 2Day Course (Practitioner level)

Reiki Master (Optional)

Reiki Teacher (Optional)

Each level of Reiki comes with a manual.

If you wish to learn Reiki either for yourself or to become a practitioner I wish you the best with your learning and knowledge.

The most important thing of all is that you are true to yourself and heal with the best of intent.

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Sonia Gentle – Reiki Master/Teacher,

Daily Zen.

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