Why Gay Pride Is ImportantSaturday 27th June 2015 sees the UK’s 43rd annual Gay Pride Parade. More cities across the country are now taking part in one of the biggest regular LGBTQ+ events in the country’s history.

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Its time for us all to realise why Gay Pride is important. Gay Pride draws people from all non-heteronormative orientations into a community of supportive and open-minded people. It brings people who are used to being ostracised, ignored and even abused together where they can feel supported no matter what. It celebrates acceptance and open-mindedness and individuality. It celebrates freedom to be whoever you want to be and to love whoever you want to love.

The Pride Parade marches yearly through city centres to mark the ongoing process of achieving full and fair equality for everyone.

Gay Pride’s aim is to provide somewhere inclusive for people to be feel safe, respected and protected. It campaigns for equal rights for alternative people and stands up against prejudice.

With LGBTQ+ rights being stronger and more secure than they ever have before, a lot of people question the need for Pride to continue to have such prominent events.

But as long as homophobia exists anywhere in the world, it’s important that groups that are prepared to offer support to those made victim by it are made as visible as possible. Showing the world that you are there to help, even if it means nothing to the vast majority of people, can be the difference between feeling like part of community and feeling completely alone for someone who is struggling to handle being different.

One of the most important thing that Gay Pride does is to show people feeling isolated because of their sexuality, their gender identity or their relationship preferences that they don’t have to feel so alone forever. It shows them that there are people like them out there who will accept them and understand them and will value them as human beings. Who will treat them with dignity and respect. Who will embrace what makes them unique and celebrate what makes them part of that alternative community.

Whether or not you identify with any LGBTQ+ denomination, it is always possible to recognise the importance of events such as the Gay Pride Parade.

It encourages people who don’t necessarily get shown a lot of love or tolerance to accept themselves in the face of overwhelming dismissal. It encourages people not only to break out of their self-doubt but to be happy with themselves, to celebrate their uniqueness and to be proud of everything that they are.

It shows troubled people that they do not have to suffer in silence and, with each Parade, it marks another year of progress throughout society.

It marks the whole population’s most recent steps towards a more united UK and it solidifies us as a country that cares for all of its people.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

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