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Success feels fantastic.The importance of failure

It makes us happy. Triumphant. Like the whole world is ours to command.

Even if that only lasts until the initial rush wears off. It’s still a very nice rush.

It’s something that people strive for their whole lives. They set themselves goals for success by which they measure all their self worth. Some people use it to define their entire being.

But you can’t fully experience life if you know nothing but success. If you cruise, unchallenged, over every obstacle. If you never struggle with anything.

If nothing you face every forces you to grow.

While some may argue that there is no need to grow if you can get everything right first time, a lot of life’s most significant moments are found in failure.

Getting things wrong gives you opportunities to reflect and evaluate in ways that success never can. It forces you to engage with your weaknesses, to acknowledge and accept them, and to learn from them. Streams of near constant success will leave your flaws untended, festering until they are exposed in a later situation, which will likely come with much higher stakes.

Even people who take the time to reflect following their successes – those who are committed to searching for ways they could have done better still – won’t appreciate what they learn on the same scale. They probably won’t notice as much. And they won’t fully understand the extent of the consequences as long as they’ve known them only in theory.

Without that experience of clawing your way back up you’ll never know your true strength.

It’s easy to keep trying when everything is fine, when you only have to face the challenges you expect and have prepared for. But to be able to carry on when everything is going wrong and it hurts to keep pushing, that’s when the further extent of your determination and dedication will shine through. The extra effort it takes will be what singles you out as a particularly devoted and capable person. It shows that you can handle adversity and take all hassle that comes with it in your stride.

It shows that, when the stroppy child that lives inside all of us wants to kick and scream and cry about not getting its own way, you can tame it. You can control it and you can still keep your head.

It shows that you understand that this world is not built to cater to the needs of the individual, no matter how much they might deserve a win. No matter how overdue their good fortune is. And that you accept that.

And that you have the strength of will to keep going anyway.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.

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