primingA Shrinking Divide Between Science and Spirituality

There is a divide between science and spirituality that is slowly but surely shrinking as we are discovering all the benefits from spiritual practice. What I would like to share with you in this post is how a scientific practice can benefit your spiritual life. It is a quick method – only a few seconds to get results – and can be done at any time and for any purpose.


Daniel Kahneman is the founder of behavioural economics and is the only non-economist to win the Nobel price in that field. One of the many fascinating insights that came out of his research is the science of priming. Priming is the process of associative activation; ideas that get triggered in your mind that activate an automatic process in your brain, that yields a cascade of associating activity.

A characteristic feature of this process is that all the activity in your brain is coherent and connected; it is impossible to stop this process. It is a feature of the unconscious part of your brain and is one of the reasons why meditation is best done in an environment absent of distractions. Any idea triggered in your brain results in a flow of ideas and associations.

Priming With Words

One of the experiments with priming involved two groups of students in their early twenties. They were asked to make as many four-word sentences as they could from five words. One of the groups were given words that resulted in a lot of sentences with an elderly theme.

They were then asked to move through a hallway to another room, where they were supposed to do another experiment. On the way through the hallway they were studied for the effects of the first experiment. What they found was that the group that constructed the sentences with an elderly theme were walking much more slowly than the other group. Priming influenced their state of mind for a few minutes after the word puzzle.

Using Priming to Change Your Mood

You can use the science of priming to get into any mood you want. A word I like a lot is “amused”. Say the word in your head and notice the affect. You can’t avoid getting associations that include your bodily reactions to amusing things. I always get into a more amused mood whenever I say the word “amused” in my head.

Now, you might have your own words that mean more to you, but the general idea is this: Find some words that take you into the desired mood and go through them whenever you need to. If you want to be happy, I would suggest words like amused, happy, funny, slapstick, laughing, etc.

Using Priming to Get You Ready for Meditation

Priming can be a powerful tool for getting you into a meditative state. Just think about the word “meditation” and it will instantly get you into a state of mind that is more conductive for meditation. My favorite words for meditation are serene, stillness, presence, diaphragm and breathing.

Personally, I use these words wherever I am. Even if I’m surrounded by busy surroundings, for example; when I’m on a bus I can use priming to instantly get into a meditative state. Play with the different words and find those that have made the most powerful associations in your brain.


Daily Zen.

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