zen blogsIf you keep up regularly with Daily Zen, then clearly you have great taste in online reading material. We do the best we can to provide you with the best content possible and to share ideas and advice that help people experience life more positively.

And it won’t come as any surprise to learn we’re not the only site to do that. If you follow us, you’ve probably got a ton of other places you frequent, too. And, while we love how much you come by here, we think it’s well worth sharing some of the our favourite sites that make an effort to help.

  • https://buddhaimonia.com/blog/Buddhaimonia is, pure and simple, a straight forward blog that promotes everything we stand for here at Daily Zen. It’s clear and bright and engaging. It has tips for meditation, it looks into the details of modern life and covers spiritual and emotional growth without being preachy or pretentious. Its foundation is based on writer Matt Valentine’s huge change in attitude and it looks only to help others get the same kind of positive growth and personal satisfaction.
  • https://zenhabits.net/Zen Habits, maintained by Leo Babauta, is not the flashiest nor the most exciting-looking blog you’ll ever read, but its content is consistently insightful. It makes no pretensions to know all the answers. Instead, it can get quite personal in its content and it talks to reader on a human level. It questions the assumptions we make about reality in a gentle way that encourages others to look into the deeper aspects of life. It uses individual experiences to explore the world and the human condition.
  • https://www.ramdass.org/ – This is the flagship blog of American spiritual teacher, Ram Dass. He has spent his life dedicated to the study of the human condition. His work in spirituality and philosophy has seen him work and learn across the world, from travelling to remote areas of India to teaching at Harvard University. His site shares a huge amount of interesting ideas and teachings, including articles and podcasts. It is great if you want to explore the ups and down to religion and spirituality from the perspective of someone who has gone out of their way to immerse themselves in all different kinds.
  • https://www.samharris.org/blog – It might seem a bit out of place to include the blog of famous America atheist speaker Sam Harris, but it’s actually very good for exploring all kinds of spirituality. As well as sharing his personal views on news and culture, it also lends time to consider aspects of various religions and philosophies from an objective level. It is not critical or offensive and is great for people who want to understand spirituality and meditation (each of which are also extensively covered) on an empirical foundation. It looks at the direct, measurable benefits of mindful and meditative behaviours and explores the human condition as fully and engagingly as any other blog.
  • https://zenpencils.com/ – This is one rather brighter and simpler than the others so far. Zen Pencils is an ongoing blog that takes famous quotations and turns them into cute comics that make them easy to follow and digest. It takes great inspirational ideas and puts them into a format that is fun and quirky and really helps you to engage with what they want to share.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.