plane-1Every year, people who can afford to travel far away on their holidays spend months deliberating where to go. The world that we live in is so full of beauty and wonder and culture that it is difficult to experience it all in the space of one short lifetime – especially if you only get a couple of weeks to holiday each year.

Whatever mistakes humans have managed to make, for the most part, we know what is precious and beautiful. We have made an effort to preserve many things and keep them safe for everyone to experience and enjoy as the generations go on. We also, in our many imperfections, have managed to create amazing curiosities of culture that inspire people from any background. We hold onto the things that are magical and we share them with the world.

It is always worth your time and money to go out and to immerse yourself in another world. To jet off to some far distant part of the world you’ve only ever read about and feel it for yourself. To be there, to be a part of it, to learn what it’s like to be something different. For a little while.

People travel to learn. So they can see how other people live – so they can see what things might have been if they had been born into another life. To see if there is any wisdom out there that they can’t get hold of in their everyday lives.

Some people travel because they don’t like the lives they have. Because they’re unsatisfied with what they have. Because the life they live now is too frustrating. Because they need a break from all the things that anger them.

Because they spend too much time complaining in this existence.

And those are the people who won’t ever be able to appreciate all the beauty our world has to offer. Those are the people who are angry at home and will only take their anger with them wherever they go.

If you go to the beach mad, you’ll spend your whole trip complaining that the gulls are too noisy.

The rest of the world will still be magical, but you won’t be able to fully appreciate it. If you get so caught up in your grumbling and complaining, it will become a habit that no amount of beauty can shake you out of.

In order to be able to comprehend the good, you need to be able to accept it. If you are so used to ignoring the good you already have, it can ruin your experience of what the rest of the world has to offer.

Everything you do is exotic to someone.

The things that you find so strangely enchanting about parts of the world you know little of, are normal to someone else. They are mundane to the person who sees them every day. The person showing them to you probably stopped thinking they were exciting ages ago.

Those people think that your boring, routine little life must be wonderful.

Before you can experience the wonder they have to offer you, think about what your own life has. If you really want to understand all the beauty in the world, you have to first remember that there is plenty of it right in front of you.

When you can find all the tiny, special secrets in what you see as normal, you’ll be able to truly appreciate everything else. That’s when you’ll be in tune with the world’s wonderful things, when you’ll be able to let them eclipse all the grumbles that you used to let get in their way.

That’s when all the magic will start to come to you.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.