How to accept impermanenceAll things come to an end. It’s a simple matter of life. It is, if you will, the circle of life.

Everything that is grown will wither and decay. Everything that is made will break, or run down, and eventually stop working. Everyone that is born will die.

Sometimes, knowing that all things pass is a comfort. When you’re upset, when you’re stressed, when you’re suffering. You look forward to the time when it’s over. You enjoy the fact that time goes on and this will also end.

But when things are good – when you’re happy, when you’re relaxed, when you wish the world could be just like this forever – it can be heart-breaking when they end.

But they have to.

And accepting that is not always easy.

But it is necessary, if you’re going to put up with it forever. Because you don’t have a choice. Nothing lasts forever, nothing is immortal, and anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be sorely disappointed when they should be enjoying their life.

Know which attitudes to prioritise in all your experiences and you won’t be one of those people.


When each moment is fleeting, it’s important to make the best of each one. Cherish all of the joy in your life. If it helps, stop and breathe. Make a conscious effort to experience it fully. Take a mental note of exactly what’s making this moment so amazing, so wonderful. Hold onto that. Throw yourself into whatever activity is exciting you so much. Put your everything into whatever is making you so happy. It’s clearly worth it.


Why, in this most lovely of all moments, are you wasting time worrying about the fact that it will end? Ruining it like that is beyond pointless. By dwelling on the average time you’re going to have afterwards, you’re spoiling what should be a beautiful moment. Don’t. Appreciate it, be grateful for it. Tomorrow can wait until tomorrow. Now is for you.


This has happened now. This is yours. You get to keep it forever. No one can take that away from you. If you want to, take some time afterwards to sit and go over it. Make sure that you’ve get every detail perfect in your mind so that you can relive it again and again and again.


If you don’t trust your memory to keep hold of it as clearly and perfectly and for as long as you would like, write it down. Put it into a diary or a blog. Take a photo. Take a video. Make it into art. Do whatever you want to preserve this for as long as it deserves.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.