Untithhhhled-1Sometimes it can feel like you’re going to be stuck in the same place living out the same day forever. It can feel like you’ve hit a wall that’s going to be in your way for the rest of your life. It can feel like you’re so settled into your routine that you have run out of opportunities.

In those times, it’s important to remember that that is impossible.

There are always opportunities. You just have to learn how to find them.

It depends, largely, on how you define opportunities – what you consider to be an opportunity as opposed to just a thing that you do.

For instance, when you wake up in the morning, you could see it as just something you have to do every day. If you don’t get out of bed to go to work, you won’t have any money. And sadly you can’t live without money. Or, you could see it as an opportunity to keep the job that pays your rent.

It might seem silly. But changing your outlook on the things you do every day not only helps you remain positive, but also cultivates your ability to see opportunity whenever it’s not in plain sight.

Some opportunities might not seem obvious. You might find an opportunity to further your career by being friendlier towards your superiors. Chatting to them during tea breaks might not seem like a great deal of effort, but it can make a great deal of difference when the time comes that someone at your level needs promoting.

Or you could find the opportunity to make new friends by talking to strangers in coffee shops. The opportunity is there as long as the people are. If you see a pub full of people, you could see it as being too full for you to go. Or you could see it as being full enough that at least one person there will have something interesting to talk about.

Other times, you will need to work to make opportunities come to you. Look in the newspaper, look on Gumtree, look out into the street, look wherever you need to. There, you’ve got opportunities to make new friends, get a new job, train or study to develop a new skill, or even just buy some new stuff to play with.

Every time you turn on your computer, you have the opportunity to kill some time playing Solitaire or online poker. Or you have the opportunity to go and find something amazing. Spend a little while on Wikipedia and learn as much as you can. Look for forums where people all over the world discuss things you like. Discover something.


That’s where your opportunity is. Every time you sit down, already bored because you’re about to do the same thing you do every day, you are shrugging off all the opportunities waiting for you.

Because they are there.

You just have to remember to look.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.