Unthghghgitled-1It has been raining for so long that you don’t want to bother going outside any more. Frankly, even if it was gloriously sunny outside the traffic would still be terrible. And there wouldn’t be anything good on the radio. And if you wanted so much as a cup of coffee you’d have to take out a mortgage just to afford it – and you can forget having any kind of pastry with it.

You might as well just sit here and do nothing all day because the world provides nothing but endless frustration.

But you can’t even do that because the ticking of that clock is bloody annoying.

And, logically, you know that these little things aren’t really important. You’ll forget they ever bothered you once they’re not immediately there. Five years from now you might not even know you had a clock.

And that’s what bothers you most.

Really. When you think about it.

You’re irritated by these tiny, trivial misfortunes, but most of all you’re grumpy because you know that you should be able to just brush them off. And it bothers you that, for some reason, you can’t.

You know that you should save this energy for something important.

But … maybe you don’t have anything important right now. Nothing that inspires you. Nothing that you love so much you can’t get it out of your head.

And maybe that’s what’s really getting to you.

Stop a while and think about it.

If there was something bigger for you to be concerned with, you’d be too preoccupied with that to care about how long it’s been raining or having to leave ten minutes earlier to beat the traffic. Right?

These things are simply not important, but you’ve got nothing better to focus on. So your mind dwells on the things that it manages to notice. And, as long as you don’t have anything to take up your mental energy, your mind will keep letting the little rubbish bug you.

And that’s not fair on you.

You are better than that. You are too intelligent and too mature to let these little things have such a huge impact on you any more.

You deserve to have something to really care about. It’s no one’s place to say it’s your fault that you can’t find something you love enough that it takes up your whole imagination and makes all the little annoyances disappear. But, as long as you’ve noticed this, you may as well go out and find something.

Find a hobby. Find a friend.

Find anything that you can get excited about, get passionate about. Fall in love with something and let it sweep away all the petty problems

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.