Unhhtitled-1The world is a very different place on the inside of your mind. Perception plays a huge role in the formation of a person’s attitude and approach to life. If you think someone is being sarcastic and rude, you might end up feeling insulted by what was meant as a genuine compliment.

Or if someone is genuinely patronising and awful to you, but a total sweetheart to everyone else, you might end up looking like the bully when you finally stand up for yourself.

There are many sides to every story. But you only ever see one.

And as true as that story is for you, you can’t guarantee that even a single other person has understood it. Or even noticed it.

But whether or not there’s anyone on your side, it’s always your own responsibility to choose how you will approach a situation.

It is truly the measure of a person’s morality how they deal with their hurt. If you scream and fight and lash out, you will never win. You will only ever look like a child.

Your behaviour is all the world sees of you.

Your thoughts, your deliberation, your careful consideration of every circumstance you face are yours alone, and will go forever unnoticed by the self-involved masses, the world outside your own head. Your actions are the best representation you have of that internal energy. It is how you choose those actions that forms the basis of how people judge you.

Everyone reacts differently to the things that stress them out. If you can react as an adult to the things that break you down and make you feel like a helpless child, you will become the kind of person that people wish they could be.

You will be in better control of yourself – your soul and your emotions. You will be in better control of the difficult situations you have to deal with. You will be better equipped to cope with any other challenges you might come up against.

If you can control the sorrow and grief and rage and frustration running riot through your insides and approach the cause of it with dignity and calm, you will become through these very actions a force for peace.

Powerful distressing emotions aren’t easy quelled or diminished. Although ideally you may want to be automatically calm when confronted by serious discontent, it’s a very difficult habit to cultivate. In the meantime, it is always commendable to be able to keep hold of your strongest feelings and act rationally in spite of them.

In the privacy of your own mind, you are free to fret and panic and see the hate as much as you like, but what is really important is when you can stand up to the object of your negative emotions and behave decently.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.