hhhhSome people seem to have everything sorted. It seems like they’re prepared for every eventuality. They can just jump into any new opportunity at a moment’s notice with no concern for the risks. They appear to be fully ready to take on whatever consequences their actions might cause. Hell, you know someone who took a job in Kuala Lumpur because they were just a bit bored with the one they had at home.

But you’re not like that.

You can’t be.

You’re cautious.

And there is no situation you will ever face when that is not a good thing. Stopping to weigh up the risks and rewards of any given action – especially when it’s the kind of decision that could change your life – is always a wise move. It’s always worth taking some time to evaluate your situation properly.

But an excess of caution will restrict you from doing a lot of things you might really love. Kuala Lumpur is, after all, a beautiful country.

When the choice between taking an opportunity and continuing as you are seems equally balanced, choose to act.


Remember that you wouldn’t be considering a change if you weren’t at least a little bit unsatisfied with your current situation. Remember that if you don’t take the opportunity, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering what you might have achieved elsewhere.

Which is a feeling that lasts forever.

Even if you find something much better, there will always exist a small part of you that is curious.

It never quite leaves you.

And the only way to prevent it is to act every time you get the chance and never miss a thing.

Remember that no act is entirely irreversible. If you date someone who you don’t see a future with, you can end the relationship. If you take a job you don’t enjoy, you can end the contract. And the time spent realising that these things are not for you is a more than reasonable price to pay for the peace of mind you get when you don’t have to worry.

As long as their negative impact won’t last you a lifetime, it is well worth trying new things, just so that you can say for definite that you don’t want to do them again.

There is a not a finite number of opportunities. Just because there’s not a new option available immediately does not mean there won’t be one eventually.

It does not mean there won’t be one soon.

If you allow yourself to stagnate in one place – even if it is tolerable, if it is inoffensive, if you have no particularly strong feelings about it – you’ll have only that to reflect on in later life. Don’t get to that age and only have missed opportunities to mull over.

Don’t look back over your life and only be able to wonder what might have been. If you must make mistakes (and we all must), let them be because you chose them, not because you lost good chances.

Never regret inaction.

Take every opportunity that life floats by you and live for every decision you make.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.