rejectionSometimes in life, you have to hear people say no. Sometimes, you’re not right for the job you want. Sometimes, someone else has got the house you want before you can put in an offer. And it’s not because there’s any problem with you, for the most part. Life is just like that. You can’t always get what you want and it’s usually easy enough to accept that.

But sometimes, no stings.

When you hear no from someone you care about, someone you feel you could’ve loved your whole love, no can really hurt.

Especially when you’ve heard it before.

And it can get difficult to stay positive if the nos are starting to weigh on you.

But it’s not worth giving up on something that can make you truly happy.

Remember that it’s not worth getting upset over someone who doesn’t want to be with you. If they’d rather be somewhere else, they won’t make you happy and you won’t make them happy either. It’s not worth wasting your good energies on someone who won’t appreciate you.

If you’re going to commit to someone and devote yourself to spoiling and loving someone, it may as well as be someone worthy of those efforts.

Remember that your time would only be thrown away on someone who doesn’t care for it.

Waiting for someone who would value your contribution to their lives is a much better use of your time than chasing after someone who might never. You deserve better than to let someone string you along. The things you do should be directed towards someone who will recognise your value and do the same for you.

Remember that if you keep trying, it’ll only be a matter of time before someone notices.

And when someone does, it’ll be well worth all your effort. Because that someone will, inevitably, be infinitely better than anyone else you could pursue. Someone who appreciates you is the best person for you. Someone who understands the effort you make for them and is grateful for the way you improve their life is the most important person you will ever meet.

Wait for that person. They might not be everything you’ve imagined your perfect person would be, but they’ll be enough. They’ll be more than enough. In fact, they’ll be exactly the right person for you – they’ll compliment you.

They’ll make you happy.

Happier than you would be chasing after anyone else.

Happier than you would be running around for someone who sees you as a last resort.

Happier than, when you let the nos pile up on you, you might imagine you’ll ever be.

Kirstie Summers,

Daily Zen.