Four Steps to a Positive New YearIn the last days of the year, there are a small handful of things on people’s minds: getting majorly wrecked on New Years’ Eve, or bringing in double-time pay for providing everyone else with New Year’s Eve booze.

But after that, concerns turn to next year. To resolutions. To all the things that need to change. To all the things that have gone wrong.

It’s easy to see everyone else having a great time, being completely focussed on their lives and still finding time to party with someone to kiss at midnight, and get bummed out if you can’t get into the same “New Year, New You” spirit.

Having to stop and reflect can be difficult, whether you’ve got a lot you want to work on or just a little. Or if you’re not sure. If you haven’t managed to sort things out by now, why should one day suddenly kick you into gear? And everyone else makes it look so easy. Without pausing to think, they know exactly how they’re going to own next year

And you’re just sitting there vaguely supposing that you should probably start maybe perhaps jogging in the New Year. If you find time.

Or any real motivation.

Why bother? Why waste your time trying to keep up with them? Everyone else clearly has everything a lot more together than you. There’s no point you celebrating New Year’s Eve.

It’s just another day, really.


Take a step back. Stop worrying. Focus on you. Remember that the only reason to go making big choices now is because you want to.

Keep these things in mind and make this New Year yours.


Your year wasn’t all bad. It’s all very well wanting to come up with some decent resolutions , but don’t dwell too long on what went wrong last year. You did some good stuff too. Hell, even if you spent all of your free time playing video games and eating pizza, at least you’ve got the money to do that – takeaway and console games aren’t exactly cheap. Think of all the things you achieved this year. You’re actually pretty great.


Resolutions are supposed to provide a way of letting you take control of your life, of getting a grip on the things you’re not entirely happy with and changing them. Making them on New Year’s Eve is just a convenient time to do it. A new calendar feels like a good time to make a fresh start – remember that when you’re thinking of what you want to do.


If you’re happy with the way your life is, don’t worry about changing it. Don’t make pointless resolutions just because everyone else is. Don’t bother making resolutions if you don’t mean them, don’t waste your time or disappoint yourself. You deserve better than that.


Celebrate the year you’ve just had. Get excited about the year you’ve got to come. Use the New Year’s traditions if you want, ignore them if they won’t help you. Enjoy the fact that you’ve lived to see a whole new year. Make the most of it.

Kirstie summers,

Daily Zen.